Mar 12, 2014

Retro obsession

Our appetite for nostalgia seems to get stronger and stronger.

In fact there are few things in our modern world that don’t look back in some way for inspiration.

Fashion, music, the arts – especially film – politics and even technology continually revisit the past for inspiration. Bringing these ideas and influences into a modern day creates this notion of ‘retro’ we know so well these days.

With Instagram the new social media of choice, it seems we even like the photos and memories we’re creating of our here and now to have a ‘sepia’ vintage feel.

If you have love for all things retro there are a huge number of blogs sharing things (ideas, arts and possessions) to re-experience or, depending on your years, perhaps to experience for the first time.

Mostly put together by individuals passionate about finding and documenting vintage treasures, they can make for great bit of quirky reading in your lunch hour.

Put a misty-eyed smile on your face this week at viewing some classic back-in-the-day advertising from a time when there were much fewer TV channels!

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Ecco Enrico Lace
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Ecco Enrico lace
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