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Nov 13, 2012

Avoid the snuffle shuffle with Ecco

It’s that time of year where everyone you know – including you – has a cold or a sniffle, or a cough, or the start of a sore throat.

Early winter seems to play havoc with our immune systems and the onslaught of germs circulating can seem relentless.

If all this snuffling means you’ve lost that spring in your step, you feel cold, lethargic, don’t drag your feet through the winter.

Instead, treat your feet (and your soul) to a pair of ECCO shoes and give them the warmth, comfort and cosiness they crave.

Ecco Rift


A gorgeous men’s boot with quality leathers and a luxuriously warm and breathable lambswool lining. Featuring in-built ECCO comfort fibre system, a light and durable PU sole with TPU inserts and with Hydromax treatment to keep your feet dry and your new favourite boots protected.

Ecco Shadow

ECCO Shadow

Beating the cold has never been more stylish in a gorgeous pair of ECCO Shadow boots. With textile and leather uppers, a luxurious wool covered insole and featuring a GORE-TEX membrane for 100% waterproof wear, the ECCO Shadow is the perfect boot to ward off the winter blues.

Avoid the snuffle shuffle this winter with a fabulous pair of warm and comforting ECCO shoes.

Sep 7, 2012

Getting back to your boots with Ecco

At Ecco We feel there’s something about a pair of boots that brings us back to a sense of reality. Stripping it all back to basics, or getting back to our roots.

Nancy sang about her boots being made for walking out on one life to start another, and we often talk about pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps. So what is it about a pair of boots that gives us that reassured feeling in life?

For us here at Ecco, we think it’s all about having a pair of comfortable and reliable boots. A favourite go-to pair of boots that you can slip on when overwhelmed by fleeting footwear trends on your shoe rack.

That’s why, this week at Ecco, we’re celebrating the humble boot and present you with three quality Ecco designs to get you back to your boots:

Ecco Adar Low

Adar Low

Ecco Stoutbridge


Ecco Surf


Experience even greater reassurance when you shop with Ecco Shoes with free delivery*, fuss-free returns and our 110% price promise

* UK mainland



Dec 29, 2011

Head over heels

Here at Ecco Shoes, we’re head over heels about great shoes. But, we like to keep our great shoes firmly on the ground.

As the temperatures plummet and the early morning frosts make the ground slippery underfoot, you’ll want shoes that are going to keep you upright.

So whether walking the dog, catching the train or fetching the newspaper, stay grounded on those early morning walks this winter with Ecco.

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Dhaka

This men’s shoe features Yak leather for strength and warmth, waterproof GORETEX membrane, Receptor technology for comfort and a rugged rubber sole for superior grip and traction.

Ecco Primer

Ecco Primer

This women’s shoe features oiled nubuck with Hydromax treatment, Receptor technology for comfort and support, lambswool and textile lining for warmth and a rubber sole for excellent traction and grip on a variety of terrains.

Keep your feet on the ground his winter with Ecco Shoes. See these and more great winter-ready styles now and get free delivery on your order*

* UK mainland addresses



Dec 26, 2011

The Boxing Day bloat

It’s that familiar post-revelry feeling….

Waking up surrounded by gifts you don’t know where to put, a stomach aching from a day filled with gastronomic excesses, the good possibility of a headache from those one-too-many tipples and that sinking feeling that Boxing Day will probably hold more of the same.

Here at Ecco Shoes, we believe there are two fundamental forms of attack when it comes to Boxing Day:

Method one: Defiance

This method involves getting out in the fresh air for a while, getting some exercise and a sense of escape from the general festive chaos.

Make an excuse to walk the dog, fetch the paper, or, make no excuses and just run like the wind!

For defiant men:


Ecco Kolyma II Mid

For defiant women:

Ecco Crag

Ecco Crag

Method two: Party-on

Well-seasoned revellers may choose to defer worrying about the impact of their excesses, to enjoy the moment and to opt for stylish comfort and loose-fitting waistbands!

For party-on men:

Ecco Deck
Ecco Deck 

For party-on women:

Ecco Navigate

Ecco Navigate

Whichever approach you decide to take this Boxing Day, stay happy and healthy.

Merry Christmas from us all at Ecco Shoes



Dec 22, 2011

Shop until you drop

This is pretty much a mantra for anyone who loves to shop.

But Christmas shopping is a special kind of shopping that pushes us all to our limit and we can quite literally feel like dropping by the time it’s done.

And it’s no surprise. The average shopper walks an incredible 30 miles when Christmas shopping!

Taking into account that an additional 25% of time is spent queuing at the tills and the weight of those precious stocking fillers carried in uneven carrier bags for hours, and it’s no wonder our feet and backs scream for mercy!

So this week at Ecco Shoes, we present you with two cosy, feet-friendly styles to help you get through the Christmas shopping marathon.

Ecco Freeze

Ecco Freeze

This women’s boot is perfect for all-day shopper. The pull-on style makes it great for quick fitting room changes, the wool lining is soft, comfortable and warm and the PU midsole is light and flexible. So the only thing weighing you down will be your bags of goodies.

Ecco Mount

Ecco Mount

This men’s boot features Receptor technology to support your foot throughout the three phases of every footstep.  The performance rubber sole gives superior grip and traction, so you can plough through the crowds and get to the tills first.

This Christmas, take the foot spa and back massager off your Christmas list and, instead, look after your feet and yourself in the run up to the big day.

Find these and more feet-friendly styles at Ecco shoes now.

Nov 22, 2011

Ecco Scandanavian stories: part 4

‘Snow water’

Ecco Snow and Water

Ecco’s Scandinavian roots are a big influence in how we do things, how we treat people and the environment — and how we design our shoes.

Welcome to Ecco’s Scandanavian stories. This story, ‘Snow water’, sees a writer and filmmaker’s creative paths come together.
Showcasing formal shoes characterised by quality leathers and by elegant, timeless style.


Visit our Ecco You Tube Channel to view this movie

Get this look for WOMEN now with the Ecco Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Get this look for MEN now with the Ecco Surf

Ecco Surf

Just two great looks available at Ecco. See more formal styles for men and for women and get free UK mainland delivery now.

Nov 8, 2011

Ecco Scandanavian stories: part one

‘What we once were, we are again’

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 13.59.14

Ecco’s Scandinavian roots are a big influence in how we do things, how we treat people and the environment — and how we design our shoes.
Welcome to Ecco’s Scandanavian stories. This story, ‘What we once were, we are again’, sees childhood friends reunited on a snowy afternoon.
Showcasing casual all-weather outdoor shoes with simple, go-anywhere style.


Visit Ecco Shoes UK You Tube Channel


Get this look now for MEN with the Ecco Sayan Mid

Ecco Sayan Mid

Get this look now for WOMEN with the Ecco Crag


Ecco Crag

Just two great looks available at Ecco Shoes. See more casual styles for men and for women and get free UK mainland delivery now.

Nov 4, 2011

Going off with a bang!

“Remember, remember the 5th of November…”

Yes, Guy Fawke’s night is upon us again. And love or hate it, Guy Fawke’s night tends to evoke memories from our childhoods.

Home-made guys, candy floss, fizzing fireworks, funfair rides, apple bobbing, sparklers, toasted marshmallows and…chilly feet, seem to most commonly spring to mind when the 5th of November comes around.

So, whether you’re heading off to a big display or attempting your own bonfire party this year, keep your feet dry and toasty with a great pair of Ecco boots.

For men, the Ecco Bagot

Ecco Bagot


  • comfortable, retro classic boot
  • suede and oily leathers
  • GORE-TEX membrane will keep feet 100% dry
  • Durable PU/rubber sole

For women, the Ecco Talus



  • Ecco Taluslong leg boot made from leather and textile
  • warm lining provides extra cushioning
  • GORE-TEX membrane keeps feet 100% dry
  • cold resistant PU sole is hard wearing, light and improves insulation to keep your feet warm

Visit Ecco Shoes for more men’s and women’s shoes and boots designed to keep out the cold and the rain and, from everyone here at Ecco Shoes, we wish you a happy, safe and snuggly toe’d Guy Fawke’s night.

Oct 28, 2011

Ecco’s best in boots

There’s an old Irish proverb that says ‘the man who wears the boots does not mind where he places his foot’.

As with all proverbs, the meaning can be read in several ways.

Here at Ecco, we like to think it means that, with a great pair of boots on your feet, you can have an open mind about the road ahead.

But, free-spirited or not, with a fantastic line up of new boots for the new season, we’d still watch where we tread!

This week we present you with our five ‘best in boots’ for men:

Office looks

Ecco Abruzzo


Ecco Abruzzo

A lace up featuring oiled suede uppers with a worn look for a pared down, confident style.

Ecco Lichtenberg


Ecco Lichtenberg

A formal boot with quality leather uppers and linings and a GORE-TEX membrane.

Casual looks

Ecco Mount


Ecco Mount

Achieve an instant wardrobe update with this new look boot featuring Reception Technology.

Ecco Deck


Ecco Deck

This comfy, casual-cool boot has soft oily leather uppers, leather linings and an in-built comfort fibre system keeping your feet as fresh as you look.

Ecco Tier

Ecco Tier

Face off to the cold winter with these wool-lined casual boots, designed for unrivalled warmth and comfort.

Visit Ecco Lymington to view more styles in men’s boots and buy online now.