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Apr 19, 2012

A little respect

“Momma always says there’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes. Where they’re going. Where they’ve been.”

The movie buffs among you will instantly recognise these sage words as spoken by Tom Hanks playing the unforgettable part of Forrest Gump.

And Forrest had a point. Our shoes do speak for us and can often set an impression of who we are – for better or worse. It’s not always even a question of style…

Very few prospective girlfriends are impressed with the guy that turns up to the first date in mucky or soiled shoes – no matter how much hair gel they’re wearing to compensate.

Even fewer employers are impressed by the interview candidate who walks through the door in shabby worn out shoes – no matter how well they’ve knotted their tie.

It’s about respect. For others, for personal appearance and for the lifespan of a good quality pair of shoes.

Ecco Shoes has an impressive range of shoe care products which has everything you need to take care of your most-loved shoes with products available from as little as £4.25.

View our range: Ecco Refresher Spray, Ecco Waterproofing Spray, Ecco Shoe Cream, Ecco Oil nubuck Conditioner, Ecco Oil Nubuck Spray, Ecco Nubuck/Suede Conditioner, Ecco Foam Cleaner, Ecco Nubuck and Suede Brush, Ecco Nubuck and Suede Eraser, Ecco Wax Oil.

Well respected, your Ecco Shoes will repay you with long service.



May 23, 2011

Ecco shoes: show them you care

Like any good long-term relationship, your shoes need a little TLC.

It’s not just about keeping up appearances and having your shoes look good, although this is also important. Shining a good pair of shoes will moisturise and waterproof the leather, lengthening a shoe’s lifespan.

That’s why Ecco Shoes offers a superb range of specialist shoe care products that enable you to keep your shoes shiny and loved:

Ecco Shoes Wax Oil

A nourishing, natural wax oil product for heavy oiled leathers to prevent drying out.

Ecco Shoes Nubuck and Suede Eraser

A handy two-sided eraser block with a smooth side for cleaning and a rough side for tackling greasy and stubborn stains.

Ecco Shoes Nubuck and Suede Brush

A specialist two-sided brush for cleaning and maintaining suede and nubuck shoes.

Ecco Shoes Refresher spray

A specially formulated water-based spray to eliminate odour, kill bacteria and prevent build up of bacteria in the shoe.

Ecco Shoes Foam Cleaner

Powerful cleaner for removing ground-in dirt and salt stains and for enhancing the condition of the leather.

Ecco Shoes Oil Nubuck Spray

Expertly formulated for breathable footwear this Nubuck Spray will add a high level of water repellence.

Ecco Shoes Oil Nubuck Conditioner

An effective conditioning product to prevent oiled Nubuck from drying out.

Ecco Shoe Cream

A water-based conditioning cream suitable for use on most leathers and for Gore-Tex shoes (available in six colours).

Ecco Waterproofing Spray

An expert product for waterproofing, repelling dirt and preventing stains.

So, show your favourite Ecco shoes some love today and indulge them with the right shoe care system. Repaying the favour with fewer stains, cracks and nasty odours, you can be sure your shoes will love you back!

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