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Mar 1, 2013

The lightest touch ECCO Biom Zero

 Ecco Biom Zero

It’s here……

Already blazing a trail in performance technology for golf shoes, ECCO has released the limited edition ECCO Biom Zero golf shoe.

Weighing just 268 grams, the ECCO Biom Zero is the lightest ever ECCO golf shoe, resulting in a shoe that feels natural on your foot and that moves naturally with your game.

Although light in weight, the ECCO Biom Zero is weighty in cutting edge design features:

  • A low-to-ground profile for a Natural Motion experience
  • Caldera leather uppers featuring Hydromax treatment for all-weather play
  • A footbed designed to promote a natural foot position
  • A second skin lining that wicks moisture away from the foot and maintains a cool, comfortable inner climate
  • A direct injected midsole provides just the right amount of cushioning and stability

With all this going happening on the inside, it’s easy to overlook the stunningly sleek appearance of the ECCO Biom Zero which has just shot to the top of the contemporary golfer’s wish list on it’s style credentials alone.

Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf at ECCO: “Our brand has been heralded for redefining comfort and now we’re taking that to the next level. We named BIOM Zero after the zero heel drop, but also because it’s as close as you can get to a golf shoe that feels like wearing nothing and playing barefoot.”

Shop now for the ECCO Biom Zero golf shoe at ECCO Lymington and enjoy free UK delivery*, fuss free returns and our 110% price promise.

* UK mainland only

Nov 25, 2011

Funky Soles

…that’s what Rosemary Conley’s Diet and Fitness magazine makes of the Ecco Biom 1.1.

Featured in this month’s issue, the health magazine loves the latest black and purple look for the Biom women’s trainer.

Ecco Biom 1.1

But, fans of the Biom collection know that there’s more to this trainer than looks alone.

A high performance women’s training shoe, the Ecco Biom 1.1 features a soft breathable and water resistant yak leather upper.

It’s bio mechanical sole unit supports the natural full length of the foot whatever the sport.

The non-marking lightweight PU sole ensures traction and a solid grip at all times.

Funky style meets funky, performance-enhancing design features in the Ecco Biom 1.1.

Get your pair now or view the full Ecco Biom collection for women at Ecco.

Oct 21, 2011

ECCO previews Biom Trail

Not scheduled for release until Summer 2012, ECCO recently chose one of the world’s most challenging runs – the Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run – to preview the Biom Trail shoe.

Consisting of 550 runners covering a distance of 273km crossing the alps from Germany through Austria, Switzerland and Italy, the tough yet beautiful landscape of the Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run was the perfect place to showcase the Biom Trail.

ECCO team runners Thomas Steenburg and Frederik Lassen competed in the challenge each wearing the Biom Trail. Thomas said:

“The BIOM shoes fitted perfectly – no blue nails or blisters. The rough sole gives a very good grip and even though I have been running in sand, sharp stones, rocks and road the sole and structure of the sole is still intact.”


The ECCO Biom Trail will be available to buy from Summer 2012.

Visit ECCO Shoes for hassle-free online shopping and to view more performance footwear including the Biom collection for men and women.

Jul 21, 2011

Singing in the rain

The rain may be falling, but it’s not getting us down here at Ecco Lymington.

Yes, the MET office is forecasting up to another month of wet weather conditions.

Yes, St Swithin’s Day has – once again – been hailed as the curse of British Summertime.

But, ignoring the doom and gloom in the national press, we’ve had some great weather so far this Summer and there will be yet more great weather in store.

And until then, we’re not allowing a few showers to keep us indoors, particularly as Ecco Shoes have some clever ways of keeping our feet dry until the sun finds it’s way back to us.

So, here’s our guide to making the most of the Summer, no matter what the weather:

Ecco Biom trainer 1.1

Ecco Biom trainer 1.1

Ecco Biom trainer 1.1

Take a run along the deserted beachfront promenade. Made using lightweight and water-resistant Yak leather, the Ecco Biom 1.1 trainer will keep your feet dry and blister-free.

Ecco World Class GTX

Ecco World Class GTX

Ecco World Class GTX

Practice those golf swings you’ve been watching on TV while the fairways are quiet, the GORE-TEX membrane on the Ecco World Class GTX will keep the water out while you keep your eye on the ball.

Ecco Brenta Lo

Ecco Brenta Lo

Ecco Brenta Lo

Make the most of all the family attractions minus the queues in the damp weather. Fear not of jumping in puddles, Ecco’s patented Hydromax technology in the Ecco Brenta Lo will keep you smug, comfortable and dry.

This Summer, you needn’t sing in the rain if you really don’t want to. But, with a pair of Ecco shoes, you needn’t stay indoors either.



Jun 24, 2011

Wimbledon wannabies

It’s Wimbledon time of year again and it makes us feel very British and want to eat strawberries by the punnet.

With audiences made up of sports fanatics and those among us usually apathetic towards sport, the question we’re asking ourselves at Ecco Shoes this week is: what is it about Wimbledon that keeps us wanting more?

After all this time, it’s not the hope of a British winner. And despite hot shot Novak Djokovic’s recent spread in Italian Vogue, it’s not the fashion.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that tennis is an exciting spectator sport and, importantly, it’s accessible. You don’t have to know your dink shots from your drop volleys to appreciate athletes like Rafael Nadal who inspire followers beyond their game and make us all want to be fitter versions of ourselves.

Biom Walk

Biom Walk

Famous for the way he sprints back into position after a shot, Nadal insists this isn’t a tactic to rattle his opponent “I do it because I feel good doing it. It’s like me saying ‘OK, I start again!’”

In actual fact, sprint training is an important part of Nadal’s fitness regime which incorporates shuttle runs, treadmills and sideways running to improve footwork and coordination.

The Ecco Biom Walk trainer is a great all-rounder fitness shoe. Biomechanically engineered to enhance the movement of your foot, the Ecco Biom Walk combines shock absorbance, flexibility and traction for a superior multi-purpose trainer.

So whether you’re inspired by Nadal’s positive mentality that begins and ends each play with a sprint, whether you just feel like getting more active this summer or whether you need to run off some strawberries and cream, get off to a running start (like Nadal) with a pair of Ecco trainers.

Jun 10, 2011

Live, love and play this Father’s Day with Ecco Shoes

Stuck for ideas this Father’s Day?

Another tie? More chocolate? Perhaps another pair of novelty socks? Perhaps not.

Whether you’re a son or daughter shopping for Dad, or a parent planning a special day with the kids, this year why not skip the polite novelties and get back to basics?

There’s a well-used saying that goes along the lines of “the family that plays together stays together”. But there really is some truth to it.

Play time is back and, here at Ecco Shoes, we present you with five ideas for great days out with Dad and five great shoes to help you keep up with the old man:

Ecco Tahoe

Ecco Tahoe

Hike the hills
Hiking is a great way to get back to nature and to take time out from busy lives to catch up. Equipped with Recepter technology and made from durable Yak leather, the Ecco Tahoe combines comfort and breathability on a long hiking day.

Ecco Golf Street

Ecco Golf Street

Swing some irons
Get a round of golf in and maybe let Dad win for good measure. The Ecco Golf Street is a trendy retro-styled golf shoe with enhanced grip and traction more than five times normal rubber – you may want to let Dad borrow them for the day.

Ecco Devotion

Ecco Devotion

Get sand in your shoes
Pack up a picnic and get out for a refreshing walk on the beach. With oiled nubuck uppers and microfibre lining, the Ecco Devotion is a comfortable sandal for walking – just be sure to get Dad to take them off before you bury him shoulder deep in the sand.

Ecco Flight

Ecco Flight

Splash about
Get out on the water: borrow or hire a boat for the day and reminisce about childhood holidays and day trips. Sporting a pair of Ecco Flight shoes will make you feel every inch of a sailor, even if your voyage only involves a pedalo.

Ecco Biom C 2.1

Ecco Biom C 2.1

Make a racket
Get down to the courts for a game of tennis (or dust off the Nintendo Wii) and enjoy some healthy family rivalry. The Ecco Biom C Trainer is lightweight, flexible and has excellent traction and grip – helping you thrash your siblings on grass, hardcourt or clay (or carpet!).

This Father’s Day, skip the socks and think shoes.

Click here to buy the above styles online at Ecco Shoes and to view other Ecco Mens Shoes.

Jun 7, 2011

Ecco Biom Golf: start a reputation

Ecco Biom Golf

Ecco Biom Golf

The advanced technology moulded into the sleek design of the Ecco Biom Golf shoe is no secret.

It’s lightweight construction, it’s Q-LOK system – a ‘twist and lock’ alternative to spikes – it’s cushioned multi-layer insole and it’s specialist HYDROMAX treatment are a few of many nifty features that have secured the Ecco Biom Golf’s a la mode status on the fairways this season.

The July issue of GQ magazine features the Ecco Biom Golf shoe not once, not twice, but three times in its all-weather golf wardrobe guide. Recommending it as the shoe to play through the spectrum of weather conditions unique to the great British summer, GQ features Ecco Biom Golf for play in hot and humid, balmy British and summer shower weathers.

You see, the Ecco Biom Golf already has a great reputation. And the best way to start a reputation as a serious contender on the fairways is to be seen wearing a pair.

Click here to buy Ecco Biom Golf online and to view other Ecco Shoes including Ecco Mens Golf Shoes and Ecco Womens Golf Shoes.

May 13, 2011

A more beautiful game – ECCO Shoes signs Belen Mozo

Belen Moza

Ecco Shoes signs Belen Moza

Hot on the heels of signing Gerina Piller earlier this season, Ecco Shoes is now celebrating the addition of LPGA Tour Rookie Belen Mozo to its elite line up of staff players.

22-year-old Mozo went professional at the 2010 US Women’s Open and tied for eighth at the LPGA Tour Q-School earning full status for the season and was placed third at the Ladies European Tour Q-School the week after.

A striking beauty and a striking record to date, Mozo is credited with one of the best amateur careers in recent memory. “Belen has already captured the world’s attention with her game, beauty and personality” says Jasper Thuen, Marketing Manager, Ecco Golf. “She’s the ideal addition to our team and pairs perfectly with our other young players competing on the LPGA Tour, Gerina Miller and Jennifer Johnson.”

Mozo will compete in the new Ecco Shoes Golf Street and Ecco Shoes Biom Golf.



Ecco Street Golf Shoes

Ecco Street Golf Shoes


The Ecco Shoes Golf Street

Available in a choice of three stylish colours: Fire, Light Silver and Purple. Featuring supergrip traction bars for enhanced performance and a microfibre lining for added comfort, the Ecco Golf Street is a fantastic all-rounder womens golf shoe.




Ecco Shoes Biom

Ecco Shoes Biom


The Ecco Shoes Biom Golf

Already the favourite of the serious golfing set, the Ecco Biom Golf shoe has been biomechanically engineered to enhance comfort and performance. Its technology ensures maximum grip and the triple component insole provides super cushioning.

To view ECCO’s golf collection for women and buy online now, click here.



May 9, 2011

Ecco Shoes: designed for life

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to investing in men’s footwear.

Men are much more likely to want their footwear to ‘multi-task’ in a way that women don’t. And for a very good reason: when did you ever see a man able to carry a spare pair of pumps in his handbag in case his shoes began to rub?

A trans-seasonal capsule footwear collection is the solution that takes men from workday to weekend, and from work to play. The key is to focus on classic, quality footwear that will serve as investment pieces for years to come in styles designed for life.

Sophisticated yet practical, your capsule footwear collection will include basic styles that can be dressed up or down:



Ecco Shoes Castle

Ecco Shoes Castle

Ecco Shoes Castle
Classic style
Quality calf leather material
Ecco Shoes
Comfort Fibre System




Ecco Shoes Arturo

Ecco Shoes Arturo

Ecco Shoes Arturo
Smart-casual style
High quality leather upper
Breathable design




Ecco Shoes Brenta Lo

Ecco Shoes Brenta Lo

Ecco Shoes Brenta Lo
An image-conscious casual style
Ecco Hydromax technology
Rubber sole for virtually any surface



Ecco Shoes Biom

Ecco Shoes Biom

Ecco Shoes Biom

Non-marking rubber out-sole
Biomechanically engineered
Flexible sole for varied sports

Ecco shoes: for the man that wants his life to design his shoes – not the other way around.

To plan your capsule collection now at Ecco Shoes, click here to view the full collection of Mens Ecco Shoes, Mens casual Ecco Shoes, Mens sandal Ecco Shoes and Mens Trainer Ecco Shoes.

Apr 21, 2011

What’s your signature walk? Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

There’s something special about way we move. Whether running to catch the train, strutting over to the photocopier at work or getting into your rhythm at the gym, everyone reveals something of their personality in the way they move.

We may all have our own different styles but, when it comes to needs, they’re usually the same. From a trainer, we need comfort, durability, strength and performance.

Ecco revealed something of it’s innovative personality when it famously became the first leading shoe brand to use Yak leather. With its natural habitat in the Himalayas is among the toughest in the world, the Yak is an incredibly strong and hardy animal. The extraordinary strength of Yak leather means that it can be reduced in thickness, resulting in a much lighter and more breathable shoe.

As part of an exclusive range of Ecco footwear made with Yak leather, the Ecco Biom Walk is a performance trainer like no other. Featuring bio-chemical midsoles to support and stabilise the foot, flexible outsoles for traction and grip and sleek design, it gives you the confidence to move the way you want to.

And with each and every Yak hide bearing it’s own signature, your trainers have their own unique personality – just like you.

Click here to view the full range of Ecco mens trainers and Ecco womens trainers at Ecco Shoes UK, including the Ecco Biom Walk, Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 and Ecco Biom C made from Yak leather.