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Aug 28, 2013

Shop the ECCO Shoes sale now

The back to school stuff is everywhere in the shops. As well as PE kits and polo shirts, mums and dads are re-stocking with new lunch boxes, pencil cases, colouring pencils and everything the new school year entails.

It’s a right of passage we all remember… a very satisfactory feeling about a newly organised pencil case that would make us feel ready – excited even – to go back to school. Even if in reality our precious new pencil case is covered with biro doodles and tippex one week into term.

As grown ups, we can still access that back-to-school-like moment to pause and reorganise our lives. We might not carry pencil cases any more, but our need to be organised is far greater than that of our children!

With the ECCO Shoes sale on, now is the perfect time to take advantage of great savings and re-organise your life for a new challenge ahead.

ECCO Medina

ECCO Medina iPad Black Leather
Was £75.00, now £45.00

ECCO Lizzy

ECCO Lizzy Brick PU
Was £84.00, now £70.00

Take a moment to reorganise your daily essentials and feel excited about going out and facing the world again.

Shop the ECCO Shoes sale now and enjoy fantastic savings on ECCO handbags and ECCO accessories while stocks last.

Aug 21, 2013

ECCO Shoes Summer sale highlights

The ECCO Shoes Summer sale is now on with fantastic savings on a great range of ECCO men’s shoes, ECCO women’s shoes and ECCO bags and accessories.

This week we’re throwing the spotlight on the humble, ever-in-style loafer shoe.

A style classic for both men and women, find your perfect pair of casual or formal loafers to add to your capsule wardrobe in the ECCO summer sale now.

Loafers for men

ECCO Shoes Newport

ECCO Shoes Newport Black Leather
Was £120.00, now £84.00

ECCO Shoes Baywood

ECCO Baywood Moonless Basalt / Dark Clay Sambal
Was £95.00, now £65.00

Loafers for women

ECCO Shoes Kyla

ECCO Shoes Kyla Sepia Washed Nubuck
Was £95.00, now £67.00

ECCO Shoes Cuno

ECCO Cuno White Leather
Was £100.00, now £75.00

Pick up your next pair of loafers in the ECCO summer sale and you can enjoy fantastic savings on quality-made and expertly designed ECCO shoes while stocks last.

Enjoy free UK delivery* on all orders (including sale items) when you shop now.

* UK mainland

Jul 31, 2013

ECCO Shoes Summer sale highlights

Chill out in the heat this Summer with a great range of cool styles with even cooler reductions in the ECCO Summer sale.

This week’s top picks from the ECCO sale include men’s styles and women’s styles giving you ECCO design, quality and comfort all at great sale prices.

Top picks for men

ECCO Jogga

Ecco Jogga
Coffe Basalt/Whiskey Smabal

Was £110.00, now £75.00

ECCO Jogga

Ecco Jogga
Warm Grey Basalt/Wild Dove

Was £110.00, now £75.00

Top picks for women

ECCO Ombre

Ecco Caroline
Ombre Washed Nubuck

Was £105.00, now £80.00

ECCO Cedar

Ecco Cedar
Sesame Sambal/Ice flower Firefly

Was £90.00, now £75.00

Shop our fantastic ECCO Summer sale now for these styles and others while stocks last. Enjoy free UK delivery* on your order when you shop with ECCO Shoes.

* UK mainland

Jul 17, 2013

ECCO Shoes Summer sale

The weather has gotten hotter and so has the ECCO Shoes Summer sale.

With styles for men and women, for rain for shine, for active and lazy days, you’ll find great styles at great prices in the ECCO Shoes sale while stocks last.

See our top picks for this week honing in on our favourite sale styles for ECCO mens shoes and ECCO womens shoes.

For men

ECCO BIom Zero

ECCO Biom Zero White Caldera

Was £160.00, now £128.00

An evolutionary golf shoe, the ECCO Biom Zero is the lightest and lowest profile golf shoe ECCO has ever made. Combined with advanced features including Hydromax treatment, the ECCO Biom Zero is a mean contender on the green and one you’ll want on your team.

ECCO Florida

ECCO Florida Bison

Was £100.00, now £70.00

Relax, looking cool and distinguished while keeping it casual has never been easier than in a pair of ECCO Florida classic sailing shoes. A latex sole provides a soft step and great traction underfoot.

For women

ECCO Impulse

ECCO Impulse Seaseme Firefly

Was £75.00, now £55.00

Busy days rushing around don’t have to mean a compromise to your sense of style with the ECCO Impulse. A flattering style for all ages, the ECCO Impulse features an adjustable strap, extra cushioning and a super light PU sole.

ECCO Aurora

ECCO Aurora Lion Sambal

Was £80.00, now £65.00

Fact: a classic sandal in a neutral colour doesn’t date. Fully adjustable and with leather uppers and linings, the ECCO Aurora might just be that sandal you’ll want to wear summer after summer.

View more sale styles at great sale prices now at ECCO Shoes available while stocks last.

May 7, 2013

Summer looks for less in the ECCO Shoes sale

Browse our fantastic mid-season sale and find all the things you love about ECCO Shoes – stylish, comfortable, well-designed shoes – at great reductions while stocks last.

With our superb range of styles in our ECCO Shoes sale, you’ll find your key seasonal looks right here at the click of a button.

Presenting you with our top picks of great ECCO Shoes in the ECCO Shoes sale and our top styling tips.

For men

ECCO Baywood

ECCO Baywood Moonless Basalt/Black Samabal

Wear them with…rolled up jeans, chinos or shorts.

The ECCO Baywood features distressed leather uppers, breathable textile linings and ECCO’s patented comfort fibre system for enhanced air circulation.

ECCO Biom Trail 1.1

ECCO Biom Trail 1.2 Black Synthetic/Herbal Textile

Wear them with…training gear or with jeans or shorts.

The ECCO Biom Trail 1.2 has a biomechanical flexible midsole construction allowing a natural running motion and perfect ground adaption.

For women

ECCO Adora

ECCO Adora Brick Ice Point

Wear them with…rolled up jeans, trousers, shorts or skirts – so versatile!

The ECCO Adora sandal features adjustable straps, two-tone leather uppers and leather linings for enhanced comfort and fit.

ECCO Crinkle

ECCO Crinkle White Leather

Wear them with…chinos, shorts or jeans.

The ECCO Crinkle has velcro strap fastenings and features light and breathable linings for enhanced comfort all day.

Visit our ECCO Shoes sale now and don’t miss out on this Summer’s hottest ECCO Shoes at great reductions while stocks last.

Jan 18, 2013

Spring clean your wardrobe with ECCO

These early months of the year inspire us with that nagging feeling that we should either be taking more exercise, taking control of our finances or organising something.

For some of us, the latter option can seem like the easiest or most achievable option of the three.

Your wardrobe is a great place to start when it comes to spring cleaning as, a new look, a few rediscovered treasures and a few less worn out clothes among the muddle can help you start the day in a more positive mindset.

So, to help get you on your way, we present you with five of the best ever tips for cleaning out your wardrobe that we’ve ever heard ….

Tip 1

The rule of thumb is 80/20, meaning that we only actually wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobe. So, a few weeks before the big clear out, put items you’ve worn back in a specific place and you’ll soon build up a picture of what you’re actually wearing – and what you’re not.

Tip 2

Empty your wardrobe completely. It is much more tempting to leave lots of things you don’t need in your wardrobe than it is to knowingly put them back into an immaculately clean space.

Tip 3

As nice as the bags from your dry cleaners are, don’t store your clothes in them. Plastic bags trap moisture, only ever use fabric bags for storing garments.

Tip 4

Throw away socks with holes in them. Life’s too short and socks are not expensive.

Tip 5

Before you restock your wardrobe, separate items into outfits to see what – if anything – is missing from your wardrobe. List any items you’re in need of to coordinate with other outfits and then next time you’re in need of some retail therapy, you an shop for them knowing you won’t be wasting money on duplicate clothing.

The best bit about clearing out the old and broken things your wardrobe is that you can make space for new and shiny ones.

Visit ECCO now and treat yourself to new shoes at fantastic prices in our ECCO sale. Fabulous casual and formal ECCO styles for men and women, you can get shopping now. After all that cleaning – you’ve earned it!

Jan 15, 2013

ECCO ’s best in sale part III

The ECCO sale is now on and, if you haven’t visited it yet, you’re missing out.

With ECCO men’s shoes and ECCO women’s shoes in a fabulous selection of styles, finding quality footwear that leaves you looking great and feeling comfortable has never been easier. And with fantastic reductions available while stocks last, now is the time to shop for your New Year style makeover.

This week’s highlights include….

For women

ecco moulin


Was £165.00, Now £115.00

A classically stylish knee boot made with starbuck leather uppers and with a full inside zip.

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of knee high boots. Look stunning wearing the Moulin over fitted leg trousers or with a skirt.

For men

ecco south


Was £100.00, Now £50.00

Update your workwear and treat your feet to Monday-to-Friday comfort with a pair of South men’s shoes.

Now at half price, you’ll find patented comfort technologies and quality craftsmanship at a remarkable price.

Visit the ECCO sale now and view these and more ECCO men’s shoes and ECCO women’s shoes at fantastic prices.

With free UK delivery* and fuss free returns, shop with confidence and convenience with ECCO online.

* mainland addresses

Jan 11, 2013

ECCO ’s best in sale

It’s time to take another look at some of the great reductions available in our fabulous ECCO sale.

With great prices on selected ECCO men’s and women’s styles, visit our online store now and choose your style now while stocks last.

This week’s best picks include….

For women

Ecco Eski


Was £160.00, Now £110.00

A stunningly elegant and modern take on the chelsea ankle boot. With starbuck leather uppers, a 15mm platform and in a sumptuous aubergine colour, the Eski is the perfect boot to dress up smart casual looks and to make you look every bit as glamorous as you feel.

For men

Ecco Race


Was £160.00, Now £120.00

A classically stylish men’s dress shoe, the Race is a luxurious shoe for the discerning gent. With rich calf leather uppers, inlay sole and linings, an anti-slip sole and finished with an innovatively comfortable shank, the Race is a staple yet stylish shoe for your wardrobe.

Visit the ECCO sale now and find your perfect ECCO shoes at great sale prices while stocks last. Choose from a great selection of ECCO men’s shoes and ECCO women’s shoes including formal and casual styles, boots, trainers, golf shoes, sandals and walking shoes and boots.

Jan 8, 2013

Positive steps with ECCO


January is a funny month.

For some, it represents new beginnings and the opportunity to change or better ourselves within our New Year’s resolutions

For others, it’s time to move on from Christmas in the planning of the next big event in our lives, perhaps a holiday.

For others, January can be a challenging month. The combination of grey and cold weather, short days, the post-Christmas anti climax combined with higher than usual debts can be quite depressing in fact.

Some years ago, Cardiff University lecturer Dr Cliff Arnall took this idea further and came up with a pseudoscientific calculation of the most miserable day of the year which, according to his calculations, falls on the third Monday of January. He called it Blue Monday.

Since then, Blue Monday has taken on an identity of it’s own and is now not only a reason to sit in a cosy room licking our wounds on the 21st January this year, but it is a reason in itself to look on the bright side of life – and to help others do the same.

Visit Canterbury College’s project site for inspiration on how to have a brighter day on the 21st and take positive steps on how to avoid the winter blues.

You’ll find plenty of positivity in a pair of ECCO shoes. Quality materials, ethical manufacture, feet-friendly designs and – in our ECCO sale – great reductions of fantastic ECCO styles for men and women.





Dec 20, 2012

ECCO Best in sale

It’s here, no, not Christmas yet, ECCO’s pre-Christmas sale is here!

Enjoy brilliant offers on some of our most stylish current season footwear with up to 25% off while stocks last.

Here’s a few highlights of some great ECCO styles on sale now while stocks last.

For women

ECCO Alaska


Was £160.00, now £130.00

Seriously stylish, seriously warm. And now with £30 off in our fabulous Winter sale, the  Alaska just shot straight to the top of our wish lists.

Featuring starbuck leather uppers and a luxuriously warm lining, this stylish riding boot is perfect paired with a denim skirt or over your favourite narrow leg jeans.

For men

ECCO golf street 1

Golf Street 1

A best loved golf shoe for players at all levels and with integral traction bars providing superior grip and traction five times more durable than rubber.

Combining contemporary styling with coveted ECCO performance technology to make a golf shoe worn by the best amateurs and pros on the green.

Visit ECCO now to view these and other great bargains to be had on stylish, comfortable and quality ECCO Shoes.