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Jul 9, 2013

Park life with ECCO Shoes

Summer brings out the explorer in all of us.

We all love to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is kinder to us Brits than usual.
Precious hours spent at the beach or the park with our loved ones can see the creation of those precious moments we will hold on to in future years. Collecting shells at the shoreline or pretending to be on a bear hunt in the forest with small children create memories that stay with us forever.
Inviting each and every one of us to create our own memories through adventure, 29th July – 4th August 2013 is National Parks Week.

See for more information and for fascinating facts about the UK’s 15 national parks and tools and resources for planning your visit.

Bring out the explorer in you with ECCO Shoes this National Parks week and don’t let anything, least of all your shoes, get in the way.

For explorer women…


ECCO Sayan II Lo Warm Grey /Moon Rock Yak Oil Nubuck

For explorer men…

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 09.41.04

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX Black/Titanium Yak oil nubuck

The ECCO Sayan II Lo walking shoes for men and women both feature strong Yak leather uppers, waterproof GORE-TEX lining and a rubber sole for enhanced grip, traction and durability in mountain terrain.

Apr 22, 2013

Camping in the air with ECCO Shoes

‘Glamping’ is so last year.

For those trendsetters among you always on the look out to try the next new thing, 2013 calls for a camping trip in the forest.

That might not spark your interest, until you realise that your tent would be a giant eco-bauble suspended in the forest fully kitted out with a double bed and a wood-burning stove.

Check out Conde Nast Traveller’s article about Sheepskin’s Red Kite Tree Tent, dubbed the ‘sphere in the sky’ and get inspired for your travels this year:

If you have a thirst for the outdoors and are planning a camping trip, in the air or on the ground, a good pair of outdoor shoes is an essential.

ECCO Shoes for men

ECCO Celerity

ECCO Shoes Celerity


  • Yak leather and textile uppers
  • A GORE-TEX membrane keeping you dry
  • Full-length receptor technology for superior performance through each three phases of every footstep.
  • A performance rubber sole for enhanced grip, traction and durability

ECCO Shoes for women

Ecco Sayan II Lo

ECCO Shoes Sayan II Lo


  • Strong yak leather uppers
  • 100% waterproof GORE-TEX linings
  • Removable breathable cushioned felt insoles for superior comfort
  • Durable rubber sole for excellent grip and traction in mountain terrain

Shop our full collection of ECCO Men’s Walking Shoes and Boots and ECCO Women’s Walking Shoes and Boots now and make the most of your camping and outdoor pursuits this year, conventional or otherwise!

Apr 21, 2011

What’s your signature walk? Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

There’s something special about way we move. Whether running to catch the train, strutting over to the photocopier at work or getting into your rhythm at the gym, everyone reveals something of their personality in the way they move.

We may all have our own different styles but, when it comes to needs, they’re usually the same. From a trainer, we need comfort, durability, strength and performance.

Ecco revealed something of it’s innovative personality when it famously became the first leading shoe brand to use Yak leather. With its natural habitat in the Himalayas is among the toughest in the world, the Yak is an incredibly strong and hardy animal. The extraordinary strength of Yak leather means that it can be reduced in thickness, resulting in a much lighter and more breathable shoe.

As part of an exclusive range of Ecco footwear made with Yak leather, the Ecco Biom Walk is a performance trainer like no other. Featuring bio-chemical midsoles to support and stabilise the foot, flexible outsoles for traction and grip and sleek design, it gives you the confidence to move the way you want to.

And with each and every Yak hide bearing it’s own signature, your trainers have their own unique personality – just like you.

Click here to view the full range of Ecco mens trainers and Ecco womens trainers at Ecco Shoes UK, including the Ecco Biom Walk, Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 and Ecco Biom C made from Yak leather.



Apr 15, 2011

The art and science of running: ECCO Biom

Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

Whether you’re limbering up for this weekend’s London Marathon or just getting out jogging this Spring, professional and amateur runners alike tend to know something of the science behind their sport. But what about the art of it?

ECCO believes that the foot itself is a masterpiece. Evolved over thousands of years, the foot has developed to cope with changes in our lifestyle. As a work of art, ECCO’s philosophy is to put the foot first, meaning ECCO’s shoes are designed around the natural motion of the foot.

This is where the science bit comes

back into play. Developed throughout years of testing and biomechanic analysis, ECCO’s unique Biom concept has presents a range of fitness shoes to compensate for the stress of running on hard surfaces.


Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

Staying true to the ECCO philosophy to design shoes that follow the foot, the Biom range is unique on three levels: a slimmer sole provides dynamic contact with the ground, the anatomically shaped sole unit provides natural support and the flexibility of the unit as a whole allows your foot to move as it was designed to.

Art and science don’t always sit comfortably together but the two happily cohabit within the ECCO Biom range, achieving performance without compromising the aesthetic.

Click here to view the ECCO Biom trainer, ECCO Biom C 2.1, ECCO Biom Trainer 1.1 and ECCO Biom Walk and to buy online.