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Apr 23, 2014

Time for tea

Tea length skirts are a major 2014 trend.

Gracefully falling between the knee and the ankle and perfectly befitting an elegant teatime event, this year’s tea length skirt is flattering, feminine and eminently wearable.

Set off with a structured cropped blouse or top and a mid-heel shoe, add a tea length skirt to your list of must have style items for this season and beyond.

If you’re loving this trend and your wardrobe is saying it’s time for tea, you’ll find perfectly ladylike shoes to wear with this feminine trend right here at ECCO Shoes.

This week we’re highlighting our top tea-length skirt styles to work this trend for your work wardrobe or for going out…

ECCO April Ice

ECCO April Ice Flower Firefly

ECCO Sculptured

ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane Gravel Oslo

ECCO Sluptured 65

ECCO Sculptured 65 Pavement Old West

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Mar 26, 2014

Breathe again with ECCO Shoes

There’s something great about the first day of the year you slip on your favourite sandals and feel that long-forgotten sensation of the breeze on your toes.

Unfortunately, it’s never quite as simple as switching your boots for your sandals here in the UK and the reality is we spend a good deal of time in cross-seasonal footwear.

These endlessly versatile pumps feature perforated styling which means your feet can breathe again.

Gorgeous with trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses. Gorgeous in the morning, afternoon or evening. Gorgeous for casual, smart casual or dressier looks. Just gorgeous.

ECCO Touch Perf

ECCO Touch Perf Black Whisper

Featuring perforated leather uppers, shock resistant PU sole, comfort shank and lightweight construction for your comfort.

A perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe or to complete your off-duty look.

ECCO Owando Perf

ECCO Owando Perf Moon Rock Universe

Laser cut leather uppers, leather sock, leather linings provide breathable comfort.

The stunning moon rock colour will add a touch of chic to any outfit.

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Mar 19, 2014

The contour of a contemporary ECCO man

Step out of the mould, making a statement with your shoes is no longer solely a female preoccupation.

While men tend to be sticklers for classic styling when it comes to footwear, every now and again it’s good to feel a little bit different and, dare we say it, a bit more special than the crowd.

The ECCO Contoured shoe is just the shoe to achieve this. Sleek, sophisticated and with a style edge, this shoe will incite the envy of your male friends.

Available in a choice of marine blue and warm grey, the ECCO Contoured shoe features smooth camel leather uppers and the part-leather lining achieves the perfect inner climate for your feet.

 Ecco Contoured Marine Sphinx

ECCO Contoured Marine Sphinx

Ecco Contoured Warm Grey Sphinx

ECCO Contoured Warm Grey Sphinx

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Mar 12, 2014

Retro obsession

Our appetite for nostalgia seems to get stronger and stronger.

In fact there are few things in our modern world that don’t look back in some way for inspiration.

Fashion, music, the arts – especially film – politics and even technology continually revisit the past for inspiration. Bringing these ideas and influences into a modern day creates this notion of ‘retro’ we know so well these days.

With Instagram the new social media of choice, it seems we even like the photos and memories we’re creating of our here and now to have a ‘sepia’ vintage feel.

If you have love for all things retro there are a huge number of blogs sharing things (ideas, arts and possessions) to re-experience or, depending on your years, perhaps to experience for the first time.

Mostly put together by individuals passionate about finding and documenting vintage treasures, they can make for great bit of quirky reading in your lunch hour.

Put a misty-eyed smile on your face this week at viewing some classic back-in-the-day advertising from a time when there were much fewer TV channels!

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Ecco Enrico Lace Warm Grey Suede/Shadow White Sambal

Ecco Enrico Lace
Warm Grey Suede/Shadow White Sambal


ECCO Shoes, where your comfort never goes out of style.

Ecco Enrico lace Coffee/Cognac Aztec

Ecco Enrico lace
Coffee/Cognac Aztec

Feb 26, 2014

Get a spring in your step with ECCO

After a Winter sheltering inside from the storms, we’re welcoming the Spring with open arms this year.

Whether you’re itching to swap your four walls for the outdoors again, to revisit your favourite places now the flood water is receding or just to get some fresh air in your lungs, we’re all feeling an extra spring in our steps this Spring.

Get some fresh inspiration for your outings this March with the National Trust’s all-area guide to the best walks for this time of year.

Detailing the distance, the things you’ll see and the signs of Spring to look out for, this is a great guide to inspire you to trek a bit further or just a bit further afield this March.

Get more out of your adventures with ECCO walking shoes and walking boots. Designed to protect your feet and to keep you dry, war and comfortable, have better walks with ECCO Shoes.

ECCO walking shoes for men
Biom Walking Shoes
Ecco Biom Terrain
Black Caldera/Navajo Brown Yak

ECCO walking boots for women

ECCO Biom Ultra Boot
Ecco Biom Ultra Boot
Black Synthetic/Moonless Textile

Feb 5, 2014

Out of the blue with ECCO

Blue Monday has been and gone, it’s official, we can bid goodbye to our January blues.

The sunshine is making a reappearance from time to time, the days are stretching and we can feel our moods lifting in response.

But if there’s one thing still keeping us a little bit blue this February, it’s because a little blue is a great way to add some interest to our spring wardrobe!

See our top true blue ECCO Shoes styles for this week and add a splash of colour to your Spring wardrobe…

ECCO Comilla

ECCO Comilla Marine PU

A contemporary and spacious bowling bag, stylish, practical and the perfect way to finish your look.

ECCO Owando

ECCO Owando Pavement Old West

An elegant and modern take on the classic ballerina style – a style staple for your capsule wardrobe.

 Ecco Sculptured 65

ECCO Sculptured 65 Pavement Old West

All the style and sophistication of a high heel without the pain. A perfect way to change up your work wardrobe or to add a touch of chic to your off-duty look.

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Jan 22, 2014

Great savings and great style in the ECCO Shoes sale

Check out the ECCO Shoes sale now to view brilliant reductions on quality ECCO Shoes.

See our top picks for men and women from the ECCO Shoes sale and shop now while stocks last.

Top looks for men

ECCO Contoured

ECCO Contoured Boot Coffee Starbuck

Was £135.00, now £80.00

ECCO Hudson

ECCO Hudson Mink

Was £90.00, now £45.00

Top looks for women

ECCO Pailin

ECCO Pailin Boot Deep Forest Antique Old West

Was £145.00, now £99.00

ECCO Abelone

ECCO Abelone GTX Black / Black Textile

Was £90.00, now £60.00

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Jan 15, 2014

Which type of ECCO runner are you?


The how and wherefore of what drives us to exercise in the way that we do is fascinating stuff.

Everyone gets something different from exercise, for some it’s part of a journey towards a longer term physical goal, for others the goal is the journey itself as exercise provides the escape or release they desire. recently posted an article categorising their 10 types of runner. A brilliant article that focuses on the perspective of individual runners, rather than the perspective of brands or sports psychologists.

Read the full article here

The classic club runner, the weight loss runner, the ultrarunner, the mood-boosting runner, the awareness raising runner, the barefoot runner, the early morning runner, the retired professional, the fell runner and the lapsed runner, all runners tell their story – what drove them to start running and what keeps them running.

Whether you’re a runner or not, no matter what your sport of choice, there’s inspiration in other’s stories of what inspires them.

Find your inspiration and get moving in 2014. Check out our great range of ECCO men’s trainers, ECCO women’s trainers, ECCO BIOM for men and ECCO BIOM for women and find yet more inspiration in a great pair of trainers right here at ECCO Shoes.


Jan 1, 2014

ECCO Shoes Twelfth Night

Twelfth night is more well-known these days as the title of one of Shakespeare’s plays than the cautionary folklore warnings of bad luck if decorations remained in place beyond the twelfth night of Christmas.

The reality is that many of us take our decorations down way before 5th January and are secretly glad to see the back of the tinsel for another year, to recycle the Christmas cards and de-clutter the lounge.

In fact, twelfth night nowadays is more of an excuse or a natural early January urge to move into spring clearing and cleaning mode – in home, in mind and in body.

Whether you’re clearing out the cupboards, detoxing your body, making new objectives, or, attempting it all this January, feel renewed strength and positivity from your feet up in a new pair of ECCO shoes trainers.

ECCO trainers for women

ECCO Biom Train 1.3

Ecco Biom Train 1.3
Dark Shadow Synthetic/Dark Shadow

ECCO trainers for men

ECCO Biom Ultra

Ecco Biom Ultra GTX
Black Synthetic/Moonless Textile
Putting on the right shoes can be a great step in the right direction to a more positive you, inside and out!

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Dec 18, 2013

Shoe do you think you are?

For many of us, our shoes are more than a practical accessory.

Our favourite shoes become part of our memories of events, places and people and can even serve as part of our social and cultural history.

No one is working harder to make us realise this than the team at Northampton Musuem and Arts Gallery.

With 12,000 pairs of shoes, the museum’s ‘We Want Your Shoes!’ appeal is set to boost The Shoe Collection further still and fill the remaining gaps in shoe design and social history.


One of many personal stories is the seven pairs of immaculate crocodile skin shoes donated by Roger Fearnside. Handmade in Singapore for his mother in 1951 when the family was posted there with the RAF, these shoes are displayed alongside pictures of his mother wearing them to parties.

Read the full story and more about the appeal at

Invest in good shoes and they will repay you with comfort, durability…and memories.

With a great range of styles in ECCO men’s shoes and ECCO women’s shoes, find shoes to make memories in now at ECCO Shoes.