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Feb 26, 2014

Get a spring in your step with ECCO

After a Winter sheltering inside from the storms, we’re welcoming the Spring with open arms this year.

Whether you’re itching to swap your four walls for the outdoors again, to revisit your favourite places now the flood water is receding or just to get some fresh air in your lungs, we’re all feeling an extra spring in our steps this Spring.

Get some fresh inspiration for your outings this March with the National Trust’s all-area guide to the best walks for this time of year.

Detailing the distance, the things you’ll see and the signs of Spring to look out for, this is a great guide to inspire you to trek a bit further or just a bit further afield this March.

Get more out of your adventures with ECCO walking shoes and walking boots. Designed to protect your feet and to keep you dry, war and comfortable, have better walks with ECCO Shoes.

ECCO walking shoes for men
Biom Walking Shoes
Ecco Biom Terrain
Black Caldera/Navajo Brown Yak

ECCO walking boots for women

ECCO Biom Ultra Boot
Ecco Biom Ultra Boot
Black Synthetic/Moonless Textile

Dec 14, 2012

What your feet can expect when you’re expecting

With a royal baby on the way, baby fever has officially swept the nation.

These days, there are oodles of books, films and websites telling women what they can expect when they’re pregnant and how to be ‘yummy’ while being a mummy..

The truth is that journey along the way to welcoming your bundle of joy is often punctuated by common pregnancy complaints, foot pain being just one of them*.

Foot pain is an incredibly common problem in pregnancy. Sudden weight gain, a new weight-bearing stance and swelling can all contribute to an uncomfortable time in pregnancy for your feet.

That’s why experts stress the importance of wearing good shoes in pregnancy. It can be so tempting to slip on a pair of flip flops or sheepskin boots, but these shoes provide no support whatsoever for the arch of the foot or help compensate for the additional strain on your feet.

Not only are your feet likely to be uncomfortable while pregnant, they may also change in size! For your comfort, and to make sure your feet don’t suffer any long term side effects from your pregnancy, it is vital to have your feet properly measured and to wear supportive footwear that can adjust to the swelling in your feet – ie laced or elasticated styles.

ECCO has a stylish range of supportive shoes featuring in-built comfort technologies that help regulate the climate of your feet, leaving you feeling fresh, frump-free and every inch of a yummy mummy.

ECCO Bandeau

ECCO Bandeau

Switch your office heels for this simple bandeau style shoe. The stretch fabric upper is forgiving on the changing shape of your foot and the simplicity of the design means you can wear this with formal or more casual looks.

ecco swirl

ECCO Swirl

Switch your towering wedge trainers for these adorable and equally stylish patent sneakers. The lace up style adjusts to accommodate your feet and the sneaker design is breathable and features a moisture absorbent circulation system to help keep you fresh and cool.

ECCO, looking after your feet so that you can look after you, and your baby.

* Always talk to your midwife or GP about pregnancy complaints, including foot pain and swelling.

Oct 23, 2012

Let’s get to…play!

Last week Play England launched an initiative called Love Outdoor Play.

Inspired by the need for all children to play outdoors more, the initiative calls on everyone to do something to make sure more children have more access to outdoor play.

Whether it be using the site to map local recommendations for outdoor play (a bit like Pinterest), volunteering at a local play project, publicising the cause via social media or just simply seeing the initiative as a reminder to ditch the jobs for the park this weekend. See for more details.

The fact is, young or old, we all benefit from getting outdoors, reconnecting with nature and just having room to breathe.

Whether you’re inspired to get outside for you, for your kids or for you both, a great pair of outdoor shoes from Ecco will mean you’re always ready to play, no matter what the weather.

For men

Ecco Celerity

Ecco Celerity

Yak leather and textile uppers for lightweight strength

GORE-TEX membrane to keep you dry

Full-length receptor technology for performance

Ecco performance rubber sole for excellent grip, traction and durability

There’s no more excuses not to get out and play with the Ecco Celerity

For women

Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1

Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1

Soft breathable and water resistant full grain yak leather upper

Biomechanical sole unit for natural full-length foot support for all sports

Lightweight PU sole for excellent grip

Get out to play, there’s nothing holding you back with the Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1

See these and more play-friendly Ecco Shoes now

Jul 12, 2012

All that glitters…

Gold is a thing of beauty.

Whether a gold bullion or a piece of jewellery, gold will always signify luxury and an investment in something special for the buyer, and the fortunate recipient.

This Summer, The Goldsmiths’ Company is staging a special event at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London to tell the untold story of the key role gold plays in British heritage.

Running until 28th July, Gold: Power and Allure features more than 400 gold pieces dating from 2500BC to modern day. Better still, despite the expensive contents, the event is free admission. Visit to find out more.

In fashion, some women look beyond gold as an accessory and instead use it as a wardrobe theme to add class to their signature style.

If you’re looking to a little glitter to your look, look no further than the sophisticated Ecco Kelly shoe.

Ecco Kelly

A classic yet modern ballerina shoe, the Ecco Kelly is the perfect way to inject an understated class and glamour into your everyday look.

Sometimes all that glitters…is gold.

Visit Ecco Shoes UK now to view more sophisticated Ecco women’s shoes, including Ecco women’s formal shoes, Ecco women’s casual shoes and Ecco women’s sandals.

May 1, 2012

Cool camping

With Summer creeping ever closer, most of us begin to daydream of holidays.

And while package holidays and warmer climates still hold their appeal, UK holidays and camping in particular are having something of a renaissance in recent years.

Camping has become the ‘in thing’ for good reason too. Embracing a resurgence in British holiday-making, the camping industry has pitched its tent firmly in the 21st century.

Luxury camping (‘glamping’), better choice and availability of equipment and an eye on cost-effective holiday-making have all played a part. And sites like featuring a ‘round up of this year’s most stylish tents’ and ’80 tasty campfire recipes’ have made camping both cool and accessible to us all.

But, despite the fancy marketing, we all know the reality of camping can often mean cold, soggy feet! So, if you’re considering camping this Summer and you’re not splurging on a luxury glamping-style camp site, check out Ecco’s range of walking shoes and boots.

Ecco Sayan II Lo

For women, Ecco Sayan II Lo

Ecco Dhaka Lo GTX

For men, Ecco Dhaka Lo GTX

Featuring GORE-TEX treatment for 100% waterproof finish, made with strong and durable Yak leather and with rugged soles for uneven terrain, you won’t need to compromise on your camping experience this Summer with Ecco.

View more Ecco walking shoes and boots for men and women at Ecco now.


Apr 24, 2012

Softly, softly, Ecco favourites for women

Customers who prioritise comfort when choosing new shoes come back to Ecco time and again.

That’s because Ecco pioneer feet-first technology in all of our footwear design, meaning you can choose with confidence in the knowledge that, with Ecco, your feet will be well looked after.

For women, it’s often about softly, softly.  Hard-working feet need shoes that feel soft and kind on your feet – leaving you nourished and blister-free at the end of a busy day and ready to tackle what tomorrow may throw at you.

Softness comes out as a clear winner looking at your Ecco favourites. Here’s a sneak peek at your favourite (and our bestselling) styles this month so far:

Ecco Also Soft

Ecco Also Soft

Ecco Spin Loafer

Ecco Spin Loafer

Ecco Spin Loafer

Ecco Also Strap 

Ecco Triple

Ecco Border

Ecco Triple

Ecco Border

Ecco, boasting an impressive range of soft, comfortable and stylish footwear and making us a firm favourite with women up and down the country.

View more casual and formal styles as well as sandals, boots and trainers at Ecco now and receive free UK delivery.


Mar 15, 2012

Isn’t it about time…?

Often overlooked in favour of more fashionable short-term footwear purchases, a good pair of outdoor shoes can last you for years. And when you need a pair, there is literally no substitute.

So what’s stopping you? This week at Ecco we’re giving you three good reasons to invest in a great pair of outdoor shoes – now .

1/ Ditch the wellies

Whether walking the dog or getting kids to school on wet days, wellies might look the part but, if you have any real distance to walk, they don’t feel it.

Ecco Sayan II

Ecco Sayan II Lo 

This women’s walking shoe has a full GORE-TEX lining. Comfortable and 100% waterproof, what more could you ask for?

2/ Love your trainers

Comfortable as they are, the chances are your trainers weren’t designed for some of the tasks you put them to. So, if you do really love your trainers, prolong their lifespan by keeping them for the gym or the badminton court – and away from muddy walks!

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX 

This men’s walking boot has a rugged rubber sole, grip and traction on rough terrain. And sometimes, non-marking soles on trainers designed for indoor surfaces just won’t cut it.

3/ Live without limits

Bike, hike or explore – or do it all in a day. Nowadays, getting back to nature is about adventure and escaping some of the boundaries that can constrain day-to-day modern life.

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX

This men’s walking shoe is equipped with Ecco’s patented Receptor technology giving you superior performance with each step. Now there’s nothing holding you back and no reason to compromise.

Visit Ecco Shoes now to view more great outdoor performance shoes and boots for men and women.



Feb 28, 2012

Ecco Mary Janes – five of the best

Jump Mary Jane 204363A favourite with women everywhere since the early 1900s, mary janes embody a timeless femininity – girly-ness even – that keeps us feeling young, fresh a bit sassy.

Stylish yet practical, this week we pay homage to the mary jane with our top five Ecco styles available now:


Ecco Jump Mary Jane

  • Distressed leather uppers and suede detail
  • Leather lining
  • Breathable

Ecco Mover

Ecco Mover

  • Contemporary styling
  • Cushioned textile lining
  • Lightweight shock absorbent sole

Ecco Sculptured One

Ecco Sculptured One

  • Two-tone uber-trendy design
  • Leather uppers and linings
  • Super-soft insole and hardwearing outsole

Ecco Biom Lite 1.3 MJ

Ecco Biom Lite 1.3

  • Futuristic performance footwear
  • Biomechanically engineered sole unit to work with natural motion of foot
  • Super-thin sole combines enhanced grip and flexibility

Ecco Lisa

Ecco Lisa

  • Soft leather and suede uppers
  • Cushioned textile lining
  • Removable sole

Mary janes…a timeless classic brought bang up to date here at Ecco Shoes.

To view these and more Ecco women’s casual and sports styles visit Ecco Shoes now.

Feb 3, 2012

An Ecco Spring in your step

“The Snowdrop, in purest white array, First rears her head on Candlemas day.”

An extract from an ancient rhyme, this refers to the legend of the snowdrop as a symbol of hope. This is because, first appearing in February each year, the snowdrop is celebrated as the first sign of Spring.

So, whether a budding horticulturist or just someone glad to see the back of Winter, the emergence of the snowdrop means that it’s time to step outside the house and re-energise.

Firstly equip yourself with a great Ecco walking shoe or boot from a fantastic selection available in the Ecco sale…

For men,

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX


Ecco Sayan

Was £130.00, now £98.00

For women,

Ecco Macia Lo GTX


Ecco Macia Lo

Was £135.00, now £87.00

…and then get out there.

If you’re lucky on your adventures, you’ll spot snowdrops growing in the shelter of the forest trees and shrubs. But the real symbol of hope is the chance to enjoy the outdoors again.

For more advanced-feature Ecco walking shoes and boots at great prices, visit Ecco Shoes today.

Dec 29, 2011

Head over heels

Here at Ecco Shoes, we’re head over heels about great shoes. But, we like to keep our great shoes firmly on the ground.

As the temperatures plummet and the early morning frosts make the ground slippery underfoot, you’ll want shoes that are going to keep you upright.

So whether walking the dog, catching the train or fetching the newspaper, stay grounded on those early morning walks this winter with Ecco.

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Dhaka

This men’s shoe features Yak leather for strength and warmth, waterproof GORETEX membrane, Receptor technology for comfort and a rugged rubber sole for superior grip and traction.

Ecco Primer

Ecco Primer

This women’s shoe features oiled nubuck with Hydromax treatment, Receptor technology for comfort and support, lambswool and textile lining for warmth and a rubber sole for excellent traction and grip on a variety of terrains.

Keep your feet on the ground his winter with Ecco Shoes. See these and more great winter-ready styles now and get free delivery on your order*

* UK mainland addresses