Jan 22, 2014

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Top looks for men

ECCO Contoured

ECCO Contoured Boot Coffee Starbuck

Was £135.00, now £80.00

ECCO Hudson

ECCO Hudson Mink

Was £90.00, now £45.00

Top looks for women

ECCO Pailin

ECCO Pailin Boot Deep Forest Antique Old West

Was £145.00, now £99.00

ECCO Abelone

ECCO Abelone GTX Black / Black Textile

Was £90.00, now £60.00

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Jan 15, 2014

Which type of ECCO runner are you?


The how and wherefore of what drives us to exercise in the way that we do is fascinating stuff.

Everyone gets something different from exercise, for some it’s part of a journey towards a longer term physical goal, for others the goal is the journey itself as exercise provides the escape or release they desire.

Bbc.co.uk recently posted an article categorising their 10 types of runner. A brilliant article that focuses on the perspective of individual runners, rather than the perspective of brands or sports psychologists.

Read the full article here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25263401

The classic club runner, the weight loss runner, the ultrarunner, the mood-boosting runner, the awareness raising runner, the barefoot runner, the early morning runner, the retired professional, the fell runner and the lapsed runner, all runners tell their story – what drove them to start running and what keeps them running.

Whether you’re a runner or not, no matter what your sport of choice, there’s inspiration in other’s stories of what inspires them.

Find your inspiration and get moving in 2014. Check out our great range of ECCO men’s trainers, ECCO women’s trainers, ECCO BIOM for men and ECCO BIOM for women and find yet more inspiration in a great pair of trainers right here at ECCO Shoes.


Jan 1, 2014

ECCO Shoes Twelfth Night

Twelfth night is more well-known these days as the title of one of Shakespeare’s plays than the cautionary folklore warnings of bad luck if decorations remained in place beyond the twelfth night of Christmas.

The reality is that many of us take our decorations down way before 5th January and are secretly glad to see the back of the tinsel for another year, to recycle the Christmas cards and de-clutter the lounge.

In fact, twelfth night nowadays is more of an excuse or a natural early January urge to move into spring clearing and cleaning mode – in home, in mind and in body.

Whether you’re clearing out the cupboards, detoxing your body, making new objectives, or, attempting it all this January, feel renewed strength and positivity from your feet up in a new pair of ECCO shoes trainers.

ECCO trainers for women

ECCO Biom Train 1.3

Ecco Biom Train 1.3
Dark Shadow Synthetic/Dark Shadow

ECCO trainers for men

ECCO Biom Ultra

Ecco Biom Ultra GTX
Black Synthetic/Moonless Textile
Putting on the right shoes can be a great step in the right direction to a more positive you, inside and out!

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Dec 18, 2013

Shoe do you think you are?

For many of us, our shoes are more than a practical accessory.

Our favourite shoes become part of our memories of events, places and people and can even serve as part of our social and cultural history.

No one is working harder to make us realise this than the team at Northampton Musuem and Arts Gallery.

With 12,000 pairs of shoes, the museum’s ‘We Want Your Shoes!’ appeal is set to boost The Shoe Collection further still and fill the remaining gaps in shoe design and social history.


One of many personal stories is the seven pairs of immaculate crocodile skin shoes donated by Roger Fearnside. Handmade in Singapore for his mother in 1951 when the family was posted there with the RAF, these shoes are displayed alongside pictures of his mother wearing them to parties.

Read the full story and more about the appeal at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25121428

Invest in good shoes and they will repay you with comfort, durability…and memories.

With a great range of styles in ECCO men’s shoes and ECCO women’s shoes, find shoes to make memories in now at ECCO Shoes.

Dec 4, 2013

Finishing touches with ECCO

There are few women that don’t enjoy planning their outfits for special occasions.

These days the fashion savvy, vintage lovers and astute shoppers among us tend to build up a wardrobe of key ‘capsule’ pieces that can be worn year after year and fewer ‘trendy’ items that follow a current fashion.

Special occasions are the best occasions to get the most from your capsule wardrobe. There’s a reason why the LBD (little black dress) is a staple in most women’s wardrobe year in year out – because if you’re lucky enough to own a well-styled, well-fitted LBD it can last you through the years.

So if don’t feel the need to go and buy a whole new outfit for the Christmas party this year the chances are you might want to invest in some new accessories to treat yourself and to update your look.

A statement necklace, bracelet or even a vintage hair clip can be a stylish way to give your outfit a new lease of life. However, after shoes, there’s nothing us girls love buying more than handbags!


The ECCO Cali clutch bag is a bag worthy of your capsule collection. Whether you’re going for a vintage or contemporary style, the ECCO Cali is a quality leather clutch that works perfectly with your look and keeps your party essentials perfectly organised.

Add the finishing touch to your festive look and add the finishing touch to your capsule collection with the ECCO Cali clutch bag.

Nov 27, 2013

ECCO Pouch perfect

Most of us are spending a bit more time trawling the shops in the build up to the festive season.

The professional shoppers among us know the drill to survive a day spent pounding the high street:

1. wear comfortable shoes
2. wear a lightweight cross-body bag
3. stop for regular latte breaks!

Busy shops, bustling queues, towering displays of expensive goods and large handbags do not mix!

ECCO Candala

Pouch perfect, the ECCO Candala bag keeps your basic necessities handy and won’t weigh you down or jostle your fellow passers by as you go about your busy day.

With ECCO signature styling and available in a choice of black, bordeaux and stone colours, the ECCO Candala is prettily and practically perfect!

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* UK mainland only

Nov 20, 2013

Call to glamour with ECCO Shoes

If Summer style is about channeling your back to basics laidback just-back-from-the-beach and eau naturel make up look, the Winter months are the time to add a little polish to your look.

With Christmas coming, the advertising for cosmetics, perfumes and the latest glitzy party looks are in full swing. And, above anything else, adding a touch of glamour can make us feel better about the colder, wetter and shorter days. Pampering ourselves with a rich coloured manicure, glossy tights and maybe even a new, bolder hair colour are the small things we can do to stave off any style dreariness or Winter wardrobe blues!

And this call to glamour is noticeable in our footwear too. Winter calls for long boots, sophisticated heels for party-ready looks and elegant closed toe pumps.

Follow your call to glamour and check out our fabulous range of ECCO women’s formal shoes

ECCO Owando

ECCO Owando Black Snake Leather

ECCO Rohdes

ECCO Rohdes Black Snake Leather

ECO Pailin

ECCO Pailin Long Black Old West

Shop our glamorous collection of ECCO women’s formal shoes now and enjoy free UK delivery*, fuss-free returns and our 110% price promise!

* UK mainland

Nov 6, 2013

World’s coolest place to work with ECCO

Imagine if your ‘just another day at the office’ meant punching the clock at one of the world’s coolest places to work…

It’s not just about an office culture, décor, co-workers, corporate ethics or even free lunches, being a really ‘cool’ place to work is some kind of intangible combination of these elements.

Yes, being cool these days takes work and there are people employed specifically for the purpose of finding, defining and re-defining what’s cool  – read more about the cool hunters at www.coolhunter.co.uk

Our favourite of the cool hunters’ current picks of the coolest places to work is Saatchi and Saatchi’s Bangkok office.

Saatchi & Saatchi 1

Saatchi & Saatchi 2

Working to a design brief to bring dispersed teams to work together and to create a space that doesn’t take itself too seriously, designers Supermachine created a playful, usable space well worthy of it’s uber cool status.

Until you make you career move to work in one of the world’s coolest offices, you can feel a bit cooler at work with a cool new pair of ECCO work shoes.

Cool ECCO Shoes look for men

ECOC Birmingham Boot Rust

ECCO Birmingham Boot Rust Oxford Leather

Cool ECCO Shoes look for women

Ecco Sculptured 75 Deep Forest Starbuck

ECCO Sculptured 75 Deep Forest

Oct 23, 2013

Saunter in style with ECCO

Still not found your winter boots?

The Saunter mini collection is proof that your perfect pair of boots awaits you here at ECCO Shoes.

Whether your looking for a short boot, a knee boot or warms boots, ECCO Saunter has a classic capsule style to suit you and your wardrobe wishlist this winter.

ECCO Saunter

ECCO Saunter Cocoa Brown

A classically styled mid cut boot, wear them with slim leg jeans and a loose cable knit jumper for a timeless cosy wintry look.

ECCO Saunter Boot

ECCO Saunter Boot Camel Kalahari

A high cut riding style boot with an heir of sophistication, wear them with tucked in black jeans and a tailored shirt for a go-anywhere smart casual look.


ECCO Saunter Warm Cocoa Brown Kalahari / Cocoa Brown

Combining classic styling with warmth, wear them with tights and your favourite demin skirt and snuggle your way through winter in style.

Saunter through winter in the style and comfort of ECCO women’s boots.

Shop our collection of women’s boots including women’s casual boots and women’s formal boots now – all with free UK delivery.

Oct 16, 2013

Leap of faith with ECCO Shoes

The Olympics has left quite a legacy here in the UK.

You might still be watching your DVD box set of highlights, your kids might still have their Olympic mascot on their soft toy shelf, but the lasting Olympic legacy is that a good proportion of the population are still out there challenging themselves to do things they haven’t done before.

The challenges take many different forms. It might be a challenge to do different things, the same things faster or for longer. But the thing that matters is the newness of the challenge.

The thing is, when we take our bodies to the limit with every new challenge, we are often taking a leap of faith. Until we complete the task, we can’t know that we are physically or mentally capable of the challenge. Indeed, the leap of faith is part of the challenge itself.

When it comes to your equipment and your training however, taking a leap of faith is not a good thing.

Feel confident and inspired to meet your next challenge with ECCO Biom, a groundbreaking collection of fitness shoes biomechanically engineered to work in natural motion with your feet and with you.

ECCO Biom Ultra

ECCO Biom Ultra Black Synthetic/ Buttercup Textile

• technical textile upper
• reinforced cage to give enhanced support and sock like fit
• rubber/PU sole gives excellent grip and traction on rugged surfaces

Enjoy your next challenge with ECCO Shoes, shop the ECCO Biom collection now with ECCO Biom for men and women and ECCO Biom Golf.