May 3, 2011

Don’t you step on my blue Ecco shoes

As the trend writers at Vogue put it: “Fashion’s going through a blue period at the moment”. On the catwalks or on the high street, even those of us that don’t follow fashion would have a hard time ignoring the sea of blue that has dominated this season.

Doing what Ecco Shoes does best in combining comfort and style, we present you with the best in blue for summer footwear…

ecco womans casual

Ecco shoes for Men

Ecco Flight
A quality leather loafer with a classic vintage look. With absorbent lining and removable insoles to keep your feet fresh and comfortable this summer.

Ecco Biom Trainer
The clever biomechanical design of this much-celebrated trainer makes it suitable for a wide range of sport.

Ecco shoes for Women

Ecco Radical
An on-trend ‘sporty sailor’ look makes this a very wearable style for getting out and about this summer.

Ecco Board
A retro-inspired design combined with very modern comforts: a PU/latex sole is flexible and light and a moisture absorbent insole keeps feet cool and calm.

Ecco Border
Summer isn’t summer without a great sandal. With a flexible sole and soft leather uppers, this sandal may just make your summer.

With spring here and summer just around the corner, we challenge you to be bold, to be blue and to be blissfully comfortable this summer.

To view more Ecco Mens shoes and Ecco Womens shoes, click here.


Apr 26, 2011

More power to the foot with Ecco Shoes Receptor technology

We all know what it’s like to have tired feet at the end of a long day. But our feet work even harder than most of us realise.

Supporting our body weight and our sense of balance, for every step we take, our foot actually takes three. For our foot, each step consists of the heel strike, mid stance and push off motions – no wonder we can often feel we’ve walked farther in a day than the distance shown on a pedometer.

That’s why Ecco Shoes designed a performance collection featuring Receptor technology. Developed by leading biomechanists, Receptor technology works with the foot’s nerve-ending cells (or receptors) and amplifies the strength of the foot’s natural movement.

Available in a selection of footwear styles including Ecco trainers, Ecco sandals, Ecco walking shoes and Ecco casual shoes, you’ll be able to give more power to your feet every day.

Click here to view the full range of Ecco shoes or follow below links to featured shoes from the performance collection.

Receptor technology is available now in the following categories:

Men’s sandals: Ecco Shoes Coba and Ecco Shoes Pebble

Men’s trainers: Ecco Shoes Weels and Ecco Shoes Grenada

Men’s walking shoes: Ecco Shoes Tahoe

Men’s casual shoes: Ecco Shoes Brenta Lo and Ecco Shoes Kea

Women’s sandals: Ecco Shoes Yucatan

Women’s trainers: Ecco Shoes Wells

Apr 21, 2011

What’s your signature walk? Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

There’s something special about way we move. Whether running to catch the train, strutting over to the photocopier at work or getting into your rhythm at the gym, everyone reveals something of their personality in the way they move.

We may all have our own different styles but, when it comes to needs, they’re usually the same. From a trainer, we need comfort, durability, strength and performance.

Ecco revealed something of it’s innovative personality when it famously became the first leading shoe brand to use Yak leather. With its natural habitat in the Himalayas is among the toughest in the world, the Yak is an incredibly strong and hardy animal. The extraordinary strength of Yak leather means that it can be reduced in thickness, resulting in a much lighter and more breathable shoe.

As part of an exclusive range of Ecco footwear made with Yak leather, the Ecco Biom Walk is a performance trainer like no other. Featuring bio-chemical midsoles to support and stabilise the foot, flexible outsoles for traction and grip and sleek design, it gives you the confidence to move the way you want to.

And with each and every Yak hide bearing it’s own signature, your trainers have their own unique personality – just like you.

Click here to view the full range of Ecco mens trainers and Ecco womens trainers at Ecco Shoes UK, including the Ecco Biom Walk, Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 and Ecco Biom C made from Yak leather.



Apr 18, 2011

Sole searching: your 2011 trend update brought to you by ECCO Shoes UK

For those fashion savvy shoppers among you looking to invest in designs to take you through to Autumn-Winter in style, we bring you our very own style report:

Nostalgia is an important inspiration for this year, particularly 70’s retro styles. This means chunkier footwear, including platforms and wedges, to wear with the return of all the A-line skirts and hotpants on the high street.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Chinook, Ecco Shoes Kelso, Ecco Shoes Elbe and Ecco Shoes Countess available now.

Mary Jane’s are back and they’re bigger than ever. Feminine and practical, Mary Jane’s are a great style for work or leisure.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Pearl, Ecco Shoes Long, Ecco Shoes Vault, Ecco Shoes Lisa, Ecco Shoes Ashford and Ecco Shoes Mile available now.

Nautical worn in a classic way will again be a stylish choice for summer. Loafers and bowling shoes also place a firm tick in the box for the dominant 2011 fashion trend, androgyny. Taking over from where the wintry brogues left off, a nautical-inspired style will see you through Autumn.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Fresh, Ecco Shoes Radical, Ecco Shoes Spirit and Ecco Shoes Board available now.

Ultimately, trends may come and go but, at Ecco Shoes UK, comfort never goes out of style.

Click here to view the full women’s collection, including Ecco womens casual shoes, Ecco womens formal shoes, Ecco womens boots, Ecco womens sandals, Ecco womens trainers and Ecco womens walking shoes and boots.



Apr 15, 2011

The art and science of running: ECCO Biom

Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

Whether you’re limbering up for this weekend’s London Marathon or just getting out jogging this Spring, professional and amateur runners alike tend to know something of the science behind their sport. But what about the art of it?

ECCO believes that the foot itself is a masterpiece. Evolved over thousands of years, the foot has developed to cope with changes in our lifestyle. As a work of art, ECCO’s philosophy is to put the foot first, meaning ECCO’s shoes are designed around the natural motion of the foot.

This is where the science bit comes

back into play. Developed throughout years of testing and biomechanic analysis, ECCO’s unique Biom concept has presents a range of fitness shoes to compensate for the stress of running on hard surfaces.


Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

Staying true to the ECCO philosophy to design shoes that follow the foot, the Biom range is unique on three levels: a slimmer sole provides dynamic contact with the ground, the anatomically shaped sole unit provides natural support and the flexibility of the unit as a whole allows your foot to move as it was designed to.

Art and science don’t always sit comfortably together but the two happily cohabit within the ECCO Biom range, achieving performance without compromising the aesthetic.

Click here to view the ECCO Biom trainer, ECCO Biom C 2.1, ECCO Biom Trainer 1.1 and ECCO Biom Walk and to buy online.

Apr 12, 2011

King of the swingers – ECCO is voted ‘Best Golf Shoes Brand’

readers choice award

2011 Readers Choice Award

It’s official, ECCO’s 2011 golf collection is the talk of the fairways.

Followers of wholeheartedly agree, so much so, they’ve just voted ECCO as the ‘Best Golf Shoes Brand’ in the 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Finishing ahead of Adidas, FootJoy and Nike and with almost 50 percent of the vote, ECCO were the clear winners when it came to comfort, colour range, support and style.

Golfers may have been influenced by new releases such as ECCO’s BIOM Golf that have blazed the way in performance footwear for the sport. Biomechanically designed to improve contact with the ground, the BIOM Golf provides new levels of comfort, traction and stability while using the foot’s natural system for absorbing impact.

In a precision sport, it’s the details that count.

To view ECCO’s golf collection and buy online now, click here.

Apr 8, 2011

Which shoe to wear with a green jacket? Ecco Golf Shoes

ECCO golf shoes on the fairways this weekend at the US Master’s Tournament

Keen golfers will no doubt be following the build-up to this year’s US Master’s Tournament teeing off this weekend.

Among the top headlines you’ll be able to find out: which colour pinstripe Ricky Fowler will wear, that Luke Donald will be donating money to the Japanese disaster relief effort for each birdie he sinks and that Rory McIlroy has developed a liking for American football. Anything missing? The bit about golf? You’ll need to scroll down for that.

With ECCO golf shoes, golf come first. Each shoe in the collection features ingenious design to enhance performance and comfort. ECCO golf shoes can even be worn straight out of the box meaning that, by that seventh hole, your mind’s on your game and not on your blisters.

Click here to view ECCO’s golf collection and see the following players wearing ECCO golf shoes on the fairways this weekend:

Graeme McDowell, wearing the Ecco World Classic golf shoes

Stuart Appleby, wearing the Ecco Comfort Classic golf shoes

Aaron Baddeley, wearing both Ecco World Classic and Ecco Comfort Classic golf shoes

Fred Couples, wearing Ecco Street golf shoes

We’ll let them decide which style works best with that coveted green jacket and wish the players the best of luck for their games this weekend.

Apr 7, 2011

A perfect match – ECCO Golf signs Gerina Piller

ECCO signs Gerina Piller

ECCO signs Gerina Piller

It’s not just ECCO’s much talked about 2011 golf collection that has captured the attention of serious golfers this season. Now, an already impressive line up of ECCO golf staff players has grown with addition of LPGA Tour rookie Gerina Piller.

Taking up golf in her late teens, Piller is considered a later-comer to the sport but is now known for her explosive style and her length off the tee. After an outstanding performance in three consecutive seasons, Piller will tee up with some of the world’s best players in 2011 wearing Golf Street shoes and BIOM Golf shoes.

The Golf Street is a bright, funky and fun shoe ideal for a morning on the fairway or an afternoon in the shops. Available in three modern colours, the subtle patterning of this shoe makes it a stylish choice.

Most golfers won’t have missed the rave about the BIOM Golf shoe newly launched in 2011. A convention-breaking performance shoe, it is simply a must-have for serious golfers this season.

With the season almost underway and wearing ECCO on the fairways, newlywed Piller (who married PGA pro golfer Martin Piller in January) already has two perfect matches on her score card this year, on and off the green.

To view ECCO’s golf collection for women and buy online now, click here.

Apr 4, 2011

Ecco Shoes: The most comfortable place on earth, is here

From the comfort of your home, you can now keep in step with the latest new ECCO products and special ECCO promotions courtesy of the newly launched ECCO MAIL ORDER blog.

Combining quality and convenience, ECCO MAIL ORDER brings the style and comfort associated with ECCO shoes right to your doorstep.

Established in 1963 ECCO is a family affair that, uniquely, controls the entire process of shoemaking from cow to customer. ECCO MAIL ORDER is similarly a family affair with the owners combining over 40 years experience in the shoe retail industry.

Click here to visit our online store to browse ECCO men’s shoes, ECCO women’s shoes, ECCO golf shoes, ECCO accessories and ECCO sale items as well as a sneak preview of other best-selling brands including Coastal Shoes.

Also available within our online store is the opportunity to join the ECCO MAIL ORDER Club where you’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive invitations to various special events and privilege days.

Get comfortable, because your shoe shopping just became the most relaxing and comfortable experience yet.