Mar 12, 2013

ECCO ♥ Easter Holidays

What isn’t to love about the Easter Holidays?

A couple of extra days off work…the weather’s usually starting to get good…there’s plenty of chocolate around…homes that smell of hot cross buns. It’s a no brainer for us.

If there are children in your life, Easter is yet lovelier still as there is the excuse to hide foil wrapped chocolate eggs around your garden, to make gingerbread bunny biscuits and to decorate eggshells. All things we do in the name of children, but that enable us to vicariously relive our own childhood traditions while doing so.

So, whether you’ll be celebrating Easter with kids or for the big kid in you – get planning your Easter egg hunt now.

Cadbury is once again supporting The National Trust and The National Trust Scotland to bring back the magic of Easter staging Easter egg hunts at 250 venues across the UK.

Visit to read more and to find a location nearest to you.

Look good while you’re looking for all those chocolate goodies in a pair of ECCO Shoes – shoes designed to look fabulous without limiting the family fun you can have while wearing them!

For her

ECCO Swirl

ecco swirl

For him

ECCO Far Away

ECCO Far Away

For stashing eggs!

ECCO Bridget

ECCO Bridget

Mar 8, 2013

Reinventing the classics with ECCO Shoes

Most people associate the clean, sleek and minimalist design of the loafer shoe as a modern look. In fact, the loafer style has been adding an edge, or a joie de vivre to our outfits since their heyday in the 1950s.

And, bang on trend again in 2013, this week at ECCO Shoes we’re taking a look back to how the loafer achieved and maintains it’s style status as a fashion-forward (not to mention practical) choice for men and women.

ecco loafers


Audrey Hepburn’s styling as the unconventional beauty Jo Stockton in the 1957 film Funny Face is the point when a lot of women sat up and took notice of the loafer shoe.

Hepburn’s character as a librarian with aspirations towards philosophy who is plucked from obscurity to become a model meant for minimalist styling and a beatnik wardrobe influence – not many women even now would team white socks with their loafers!

Nonetheless an iconic look was created and, with much of the film set in the fashionable setting of Paris, women needed little else to convince them to recreate this boyish and achievable look.

Buy women’s loafers now at ECCO Shoes.

ecco loafersMen

For men, the trend for smart, shiny loafers dominated the silver screen in the 1950s with all the screen greats wearing them.

Gene Kelly (above), Fred Astaire and Clark Gable all proudly showed off their loafers with shorter or rolled up trouser styles, making their shoes a centre-piece of their clean-cut, dapper styling.

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Mar 5, 2013

ECCO loves… ….innovation.

Don Adams as ‘Agent 86, Maxwell Smart’ in Get Smart

Don Adams as ‘Agent 86, Maxwell Smart’ in Get Smart


ECCO shoes is an innovator, constantly working to evolve footwear technologies to increase comfort levels and to boost performance.

As one innovator to another, we loved this BBC article covering the story of designer Sean Miles of Designworks who has been tasked to integrate mobile phones into shoes.

See the article on the BBC by clicking here (

It’s not the first (and it won’t be the last) time that manufacturers look for new ways to integrate technology with items we use day to day. In an odd way – it seems like the obvious next step for technology pioneers.

It’s also one of those satisfying scenarios where scientists catch up with science fiction where the 1960s classic tv series Get Smart satirises secret agent technology with a shoe phone.

But clever as these designs are, as with the designer himself, we can’t help but chuckle at the early prototypes and visualise women dodging their stiletto heels as they attempt to answer the phone!

Ready to whip off your shoe on the train to take a call? Let us know your views on our Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages .

Mar 1, 2013

The lightest touch ECCO Biom Zero

 Ecco Biom Zero

It’s here……

Already blazing a trail in performance technology for golf shoes, ECCO has released the limited edition ECCO Biom Zero golf shoe.

Weighing just 268 grams, the ECCO Biom Zero is the lightest ever ECCO golf shoe, resulting in a shoe that feels natural on your foot and that moves naturally with your game.

Although light in weight, the ECCO Biom Zero is weighty in cutting edge design features:

  • A low-to-ground profile for a Natural Motion experience
  • Caldera leather uppers featuring Hydromax treatment for all-weather play
  • A footbed designed to promote a natural foot position
  • A second skin lining that wicks moisture away from the foot and maintains a cool, comfortable inner climate
  • A direct injected midsole provides just the right amount of cushioning and stability

With all this going happening on the inside, it’s easy to overlook the stunningly sleek appearance of the ECCO Biom Zero which has just shot to the top of the contemporary golfer’s wish list on it’s style credentials alone.

Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf at ECCO: “Our brand has been heralded for redefining comfort and now we’re taking that to the next level. We named BIOM Zero after the zero heel drop, but also because it’s as close as you can get to a golf shoe that feels like wearing nothing and playing barefoot.”

Shop now for the ECCO Biom Zero golf shoe at ECCO Lymington and enjoy free UK delivery*, fuss free returns and our 110% price promise.

* UK mainland only

Feb 26, 2013

Sugar and spice and all things nice at ECCO

There is something timeless, sophisticated and upmarket about a well-chosen red accessory.

Red works as a sumptuous style accent to a sleek black outfit or against whites, creams, navy or – for those who like to make a style statement – with oranges and pinks.

So this week, here at ECCO Lymington, we’re celebrating a new season’s worth of fabulous ECCO shoes and accessories and the opportunity to spice up our wardrobes with our top five red accessories from ECCO:

ECCO Marion

ECCO Marion

In ‘chilli red starbuck’

The humble court shoe is back with a bang in 2013, best styled with tapered ankle-length trousers, these sophisticated court shoes will sharpen your outfit and brighten your day.

ECCO Belaga

ECCO Belaga

In ‘chili red’ embossed leather body with a baby ottoman lining

Make a serious style statement with this classic, structured handbag. Adorn your arm and your outfit with instant glamour and sense the heads turn in your direction.

ECCO Medina

ECCO Medina ipad pouch

In ‘chili red’ leather

Inject some colour into your working day and let your technology complement your personal style with this sleek, simple, yet stunning ipad pouch.

ECCO Stroll

ECCO Stroll

In ‘brick firefly/ice white’

Jazz up your off-duty look with these sassy casual sneaker-style shoes. Wear with rolled up chinos or ‘boyfriend’ jeans for pared-down chic.


ECCO Bollon

In ‘brick’ patent

An adorably classic clutch bag in a clean design which, in red, can stand by you throughout the seasons. Take this bag as your date to the Christmas ‘do’ with your little black dress or as your ‘+1’ to a summer wedding with a cream shift dress.

Feb 22, 2013

A ECCO clutch in time

The clutch bag…

Adored by women across the globe as s favourite style companion, and with a story all of it’s own as part of our social and fashion history.


Among the first to be seen sporting clutch bags – known then as ‘reticules’ – sophisticated Victorian women used these small bags for carrying their essentials: smelling salts and lace handkerchiefs.


The popularity of the clutch dwindled in the early 1900’s only to then have something of a renaissance during WWII for two reasons. Shortages of leather and other materials meant that smaller bags became popular through necessity and more working women with income at their disposal meant there was an increased demand for such feminine luxuries.


Coco Chanel designed the first envelope clutch bag in quilted fabric on a short gold chain strap – an iconic design that, decades later, still dominates the fashion pages.


The contemporary clutch bag is something that graces most women’s wardrobes. Available in every size, shape, colour, fabric in vintage or modern styling – the clutch is a go-to style for events and evokes a certain sense of class as a finishing touch to formal wear.

Timeless, chic and ultra-feminine – we salute the clutch bag!

Buy this timeless style at ECCO now, the ECCO Bollon available in three stunning colours, each with a cute matching card holder.

ECCO Bollon – Black Patent

Ecco Bollon Black Patent

ECCO Bollon – Brick Patent



ECCO Bollon – Medieval Blue Patent

Ecco Bollon Medieval Blue Patent

Feb 19, 2013

Shiny happy ECCO people

Lovingly crafted to be beautiful from the inside out, ECCO Shoes has been in the business of making people shine from the feet upwards for many years now.

Shine on the inside…

Soft leathers, comfortable leather insoles, lightweight and flexible outsoles, built-in moisture absorbancy and breathability – these are just some of the features that make your feet shine when you wear a pair of ECCO women’s shoes.

Shine on the outside…

With stunning shiny colourful patent designs available in casual and formal styles, you can add effortless shine to your look every day in a pair of women’s shoes.

ECCO Also Soft

Also Soft

ECCO Swirl




See these and other stylish ECCO Shoes now, shop now for great reductions on great styles now in our unmissable sale.

2013 is the year to bring out your shine in a fabulous pair of our Shoes.

Feb 15, 2013

ECCO hails a winner

ECCO Walk in Style

Last week saw the ECCO Walk in Style Awards take place during the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Swedish entrepreneur Julia Mjörnstedt was honoured as winner of the 2013 ECCO Walk in Style award in recognition of her work with the charity “Ung Cancer” (Young Cancer) which provides help and support for young people with cancer and their families.

ECCO Walk in Style 2

The sixth award of its kind, we launched the Walk in Style awards in 2008 to pay tribute to remarkable women, working to make a real difference to vulnerable women. Along with the accolade comes a prize of €35,000 which the winner can donate to the charity of her choice – Julia is donating her winnings to “Ung Cancer”.

ECCO’s Walk in Style Awards are among several key annual charity projects from ECCO who celebrate 50 years of shoemaking this year. Visit to read more.

Feel like a winner every day in a pair of ECCO shoes, see our great selection of women’s styles now include women’s formal shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals and trainers

Feb 11, 2013

Fit for the challenge with ECCO


Not content with the notion of being fit, more and more people are taking up more demanding physical challenges – marathons, extreme sports events, unusual charity or record-breaking challenges.

As well as keeping them fit, these challenges are often life achievements, as much about mental aptitude and endurance as physical strength and stamina.

Gym bunnies step aside. These are seriously dedicated sports people who do not suffer fitness fools lightly… or queues at the treadmill for that matter.

If this sounds like you, you know the importance of having shoes that are as serious about sport and performance when it counts as you are. If this sounds like you, ECCO Biom is for you.

ECCO Biom is a groundbreaking collection of sports shoes biomechanically engineered to work with, not against, the natural motion of your foot.

Borrowing science from the world of sport, ECCO Biom provides just the right amount of support in each three phases of your every footstep allowing your feet to move as you want them to, unrestricted by the excessive padding and motion control typically associated with sports footwear.

So, whether you’re going for gold in extreme or endurance sports or not, if you really want to break the mould in 2013, break free with ECCO Biom.

Shop our full collection of ECCO Biom for men and women now.

Feb 8, 2013

ECCO Golf, beautifying your swing

ECCO Golf Shoes

Gone are the days where boring white golf shoes dominate stuffy club houses for after round drinks.

Cutting edge design and contemporary features mean that your golf shoes not only have the potential to improve your game, they can enhance your personal style too.

ecco golf biom

Go blue in the ECCO Golf Biom

…designed to mould to the anatomical shape of your foot and featuring a multi-layer insole, feel the difference that luxurious comfort can make to your game.

ecco golf street 2

Go red in the ECCO Golf Street 2

…brand new for 2013, look slick and stylish and benefit from integral traction bars built into the sole for superior grip and traction.

ecco golf biom hybrid

Go brown in the ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid

…a great look for on or off the green, the ECCO Biom Hybrid is HYDROMAX treated for all-weather play and has traction bars providing over 800 traction angles.

When it comes to golf, a little showing off never hurt anyone. Enjoy a more beautiful game with ECCO Golf -  shop now