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Feb 21, 2012

Ecco: fit for the challenge

Eddie Izzard drinking pints in his running shorts…

David Walliams picking pond weed off his swimming cap…

These are images ingrained in our minds and are synonymous with the spirit of Sport Relief.

Taking place 23rd – 25th March, Sport Relief 2012 will see yet more celebrities – and even a few of us non-celebrities – push through boundaries of physical fitness to achieve something for a great charitable cause.

With a lifelong phobia of water, Frank Skinner is set to tackle his fears and swim the width of an Olympic-sized pool in front of a live audience of millions in the BT Sport Relief challenge.

Comedian John Bishop’s BT Sport Relief challenge will comprise a ‘week from hell’ during which he’ll make his way from Paris to Trafalgar Square in London via combination of cycling, rowing and running.

On a less extreme level, the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile provides a challenge accessible to participants of all ages and fitness levels.

So, whether you’re inspired by completed challenges such as Eddie Izzard’s and David Walliam’s achievements or inspired by challenges to come this year. The biggest inspiration by far is the amazing achievements you and your body are capable of.

Visit to register, sponsor or donate and get yourself geared up for the challenge with Ecco.

Mens – biom c 2.1

Ecco Biom 1.1

Womens – biom 1.1

Using leading technology from the world of sport, Ecco knows a thing or to about your feet and ways to get the best performance from them. And, if you’re really setting yourself a physical challenge this year, Sport Relief or otherwise, you’ll need all the help you can get.

See more Ecco men’s trainers and Ecco women’s trainers now and good luck from us all at Ecco Shoes!




Nov 1, 2011

De-stress with a pair of Ecco Shoes

Organised by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), Wednesday 2nd November is National Stress Awareness Day in the UK.

And though every day seems to be a day for something these days, during times of recession and increased pressure in the working day, considering the impact that stress has on our lives and how we manage it can only be a positive thing.

Here at Ecco Shoes, we can think of four very quick ways we can help you manage stress levels and keep your work/life balance in check:

  1. with a fantastic selection of men’s and women’s formal shoes designed to minimise stress on your feet, an Ecco Shoe will make you feel confident and energised throughout the working day…
Ecco Ridge

Ecco Ridge

Ecco Nexus

Ecco Nexus

  1. with a range of cross-purpose footwear to enhance your sporting performance, an Ecco Shoe will give you a reason to get active and have a life outside the office…
Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1

Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1

(insert image of Biom 1.1 in black for men and Biom C for women)

Ecco Biom C

Ecco Biom C

  1. with online shopping from the comfort of your home, free delivery to UK mainland addresses and fuss-free returns, we can take the stress out of your shopping experience…
  1. with the right knowhow, we can provide you with the link to a brilliant stress busting game featured on the ISMA’s website

Ecco Shoes, helping you to de-stress no matter what the date is.

Jun 10, 2011

Live, love and play this Father’s Day with Ecco Shoes

Stuck for ideas this Father’s Day?

Another tie? More chocolate? Perhaps another pair of novelty socks? Perhaps not.

Whether you’re a son or daughter shopping for Dad, or a parent planning a special day with the kids, this year why not skip the polite novelties and get back to basics?

There’s a well-used saying that goes along the lines of “the family that plays together stays together”. But there really is some truth to it.

Play time is back and, here at Ecco Shoes, we present you with five ideas for great days out with Dad and five great shoes to help you keep up with the old man:

Ecco Tahoe

Ecco Tahoe

Hike the hills
Hiking is a great way to get back to nature and to take time out from busy lives to catch up. Equipped with Recepter technology and made from durable Yak leather, the Ecco Tahoe combines comfort and breathability on a long hiking day.

Ecco Golf Street

Ecco Golf Street

Swing some irons
Get a round of golf in and maybe let Dad win for good measure. The Ecco Golf Street is a trendy retro-styled golf shoe with enhanced grip and traction more than five times normal rubber – you may want to let Dad borrow them for the day.

Ecco Devotion

Ecco Devotion

Get sand in your shoes
Pack up a picnic and get out for a refreshing walk on the beach. With oiled nubuck uppers and microfibre lining, the Ecco Devotion is a comfortable sandal for walking – just be sure to get Dad to take them off before you bury him shoulder deep in the sand.

Ecco Flight

Ecco Flight

Splash about
Get out on the water: borrow or hire a boat for the day and reminisce about childhood holidays and day trips. Sporting a pair of Ecco Flight shoes will make you feel every inch of a sailor, even if your voyage only involves a pedalo.

Ecco Biom C 2.1

Ecco Biom C 2.1

Make a racket
Get down to the courts for a game of tennis (or dust off the Nintendo Wii) and enjoy some healthy family rivalry. The Ecco Biom C Trainer is lightweight, flexible and has excellent traction and grip – helping you thrash your siblings on grass, hardcourt or clay (or carpet!).

This Father’s Day, skip the socks and think shoes.

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Apr 21, 2011

What’s your signature walk? Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

Ecco Biom Walk

There’s something special about way we move. Whether running to catch the train, strutting over to the photocopier at work or getting into your rhythm at the gym, everyone reveals something of their personality in the way they move.

We may all have our own different styles but, when it comes to needs, they’re usually the same. From a trainer, we need comfort, durability, strength and performance.

Ecco revealed something of it’s innovative personality when it famously became the first leading shoe brand to use Yak leather. With its natural habitat in the Himalayas is among the toughest in the world, the Yak is an incredibly strong and hardy animal. The extraordinary strength of Yak leather means that it can be reduced in thickness, resulting in a much lighter and more breathable shoe.

As part of an exclusive range of Ecco footwear made with Yak leather, the Ecco Biom Walk is a performance trainer like no other. Featuring bio-chemical midsoles to support and stabilise the foot, flexible outsoles for traction and grip and sleek design, it gives you the confidence to move the way you want to.

And with each and every Yak hide bearing it’s own signature, your trainers have their own unique personality – just like you.

Click here to view the full range of Ecco mens trainers and Ecco womens trainers at Ecco Shoes UK, including the Ecco Biom Walk, Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 and Ecco Biom C made from Yak leather.



Apr 15, 2011

The art and science of running: ECCO Biom

Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 801524 - Mens Trainers

Whether you’re limbering up for this weekend’s London Marathon or just getting out jogging this Spring, professional and amateur runners alike tend to know something of the science behind their sport. But what about the art of it?

ECCO believes that the foot itself is a masterpiece. Evolved over thousands of years, the foot has developed to cope with changes in our lifestyle. As a work of art, ECCO’s philosophy is to put the foot first, meaning ECCO’s shoes are designed around the natural motion of the foot.

This is where the science bit comes

back into play. Developed throughout years of testing and biomechanic analysis, ECCO’s unique Biom concept has presents a range of fitness shoes to compensate for the stress of running on hard surfaces.


Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

The Ecco Biom Trainer 1.1 801503 - Womens Trainers

Staying true to the ECCO philosophy to design shoes that follow the foot, the Biom range is unique on three levels: a slimmer sole provides dynamic contact with the ground, the anatomically shaped sole unit provides natural support and the flexibility of the unit as a whole allows your foot to move as it was designed to.

Art and science don’t always sit comfortably together but the two happily cohabit within the ECCO Biom range, achieving performance without compromising the aesthetic.

Click here to view the ECCO Biom trainer, ECCO Biom C 2.1, ECCO Biom Trainer 1.1 and ECCO Biom Walk and to buy online.