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Jan 1, 2014

ECCO Shoes Twelfth Night

Twelfth night is more well-known these days as the title of one of Shakespeare’s plays than the cautionary folklore warnings of bad luck if decorations remained in place beyond the twelfth night of Christmas.

The reality is that many of us take our decorations down way before 5th January and are secretly glad to see the back of the tinsel for another year, to recycle the Christmas cards and de-clutter the lounge.

In fact, twelfth night nowadays is more of an excuse or a natural early January urge to move into spring clearing and cleaning mode – in home, in mind and in body.

Whether you’re clearing out the cupboards, detoxing your body, making new objectives, or, attempting it all this January, feel renewed strength and positivity from your feet up in a new pair of ECCO shoes trainers.

ECCO trainers for women

ECCO Biom Train 1.3

Ecco Biom Train 1.3
Dark Shadow Synthetic/Dark Shadow

ECCO trainers for men

ECCO Biom Ultra

Ecco Biom Ultra GTX
Black Synthetic/Moonless Textile
Putting on the right shoes can be a great step in the right direction to a more positive you, inside and out!

Shop these styles of ECCO trainers for men and women and many more now at ECCO Shoes.

Oct 16, 2013

Leap of faith with ECCO Shoes

The Olympics has left quite a legacy here in the UK.

You might still be watching your DVD box set of highlights, your kids might still have their Olympic mascot on their soft toy shelf, but the lasting Olympic legacy is that a good proportion of the population are still out there challenging themselves to do things they haven’t done before.

The challenges take many different forms. It might be a challenge to do different things, the same things faster or for longer. But the thing that matters is the newness of the challenge.

The thing is, when we take our bodies to the limit with every new challenge, we are often taking a leap of faith. Until we complete the task, we can’t know that we are physically or mentally capable of the challenge. Indeed, the leap of faith is part of the challenge itself.

When it comes to your equipment and your training however, taking a leap of faith is not a good thing.

Feel confident and inspired to meet your next challenge with ECCO Biom, a groundbreaking collection of fitness shoes biomechanically engineered to work in natural motion with your feet and with you.

ECCO Biom Ultra

ECCO Biom Ultra Black Synthetic/ Buttercup Textile

• technical textile upper
• reinforced cage to give enhanced support and sock like fit
• rubber/PU sole gives excellent grip and traction on rugged surfaces

Enjoy your next challenge with ECCO Shoes, shop the ECCO Biom collection now with ECCO Biom for men and women and ECCO Biom Golf.

May 24, 2013

Born to run with ECCO Biom

Keen runners believe that running is as good for your soul as it is your body.

Running has great stress relief benefits giving the runner precious time to organise thoughts and providing a literal form of escapism.

The fact is that we are born to run, but sometimes our shoes can get in the way.

ECCO Biom is a collection of fitness shoes expertly designed to work with the natural motion of your foot, so that you can run as you were born to.

And now, running can do as much for your style with the latest styles from the ECCO Biom collection…sleek gorgeous fitness shoes, for you, and your feet.

ECCO biom Lite 1.2

Ecco Biom Lite 1.2, Warm Grey Starbuck
Why you’ll love me…

  • starbuck leather uppers
  • natural anatomical last
  • super comfort and full length foot support
  • low to the ground sole construction for a natural motion experience

ECCO Biom Trail 1.5

Ecco Biom Trail 1.5, Dark Shadow Textile/Black
Why you’ll love me…

  • mesh uppers with a support cage
  • sock lite fit
  • natural anatomical last
  • super comfort and full length foot support
  • rubber sole with specially designed traction pattern
  • excellent grip and traction on loose and muddy surfaces

ECCO Biom Train 1.1

Ecco Biom Train 1.1, Dark Shadow Starbuck
Why you’ll love me…

  • cool, simplistic design
  • leather uppers
  • anatomical last shape gives a perfect fit
  • biomechanical sole provides natural support for all sports
  • PU sole is lightweight and comfortable


May 4, 2013

Feel the high with our May ECCO Shoes competition

This month we’re running an extra special competition and offering our ECCO Shoes Lymington followers the chance to win an amazing prize.

The prize is a pair of ECCO Biom Evo Racer 1.1 trainers.

Ecco Biom Evo Racer 1.1



There are three ways to enter and be in with a chance of winning this prize:

On Twitter follow and Re Tweet ECCO Lymington Tweets

On Facebook hit ‘like’ on our Ecco Lymington page and share our posts

On Google+ Press the ‘follow’ and ‘+1’ button

Closing date: 1st June 2013


Terms and Conditions

Entrants must be over 18.

Entrants must either:

1/ be a follower of Ecco Lymington on Twitter and re-tweet the competition message by midnight on the closing date of 1st June 2013.

2/ have a Facebook account and have hit the ‘like’ button and share our posts on Ecco Lymington’s Facebook page by midnight on the closing date of 1st June 2103.

3/ have a Google+ account and Press the ‘follow’ and ‘+1’ button

Winners will be randomly selected on 6th July 2013 and notified via direct message.

No cash alternative.

Mar 29, 2013

Offset your ‘eggstravagance’ with ECCO Shoes

With Easter almost here, most of us will admit to eyeing up the Easter egg aisle in the supermarket or possibly even indulging in a few pre-Easter mini egg treats.

And the commercial side of Easter has a lot to answer for with approximately 90 million Easter eggs sold in the UK each year. Bear in mind that the population of the UK is somewhere around 63 million, and it doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate that we’re probably eating a few too many chocolate bunnies!

Despite this, even the most health conscious among us deserve a treat now and again. So here at ECCO Shoes we say “let them eat chocolate!” and afterwards slip on our ECCO trainers and burn off the calorific damage – or some of it at least.

ECCO Shoes guide to ‘eggstravagance’ damage control:

1x Crème Egg = 163 calories = a small but delicious treat easily offset with 1x hour bank holiday shopping

1 x large Cadburys Roses egg = 1,846 calories = almost a whole day’s worth of calories by itself this indulgent egg would take the equivalent of 4hrs jogging to offset!

However you choose to offset any over-indulgence, equip yourself with a pair of ECCO trainers and stay active, healthy and guilt-free this Easter.

ECCO Biom Lite 1.2

Women – ECCO Biom Lite 1.2 (black/starbuck)

ECCO Shoes Biom Train 1.1 ECCO Shoes biom train 1.1

Men – ECCO Biom Train 1.1 (dark shadow/starbuck)

Feb 11, 2013

Fit for the challenge with ECCO


Not content with the notion of being fit, more and more people are taking up more demanding physical challenges – marathons, extreme sports events, unusual charity or record-breaking challenges.

As well as keeping them fit, these challenges are often life achievements, as much about mental aptitude and endurance as physical strength and stamina.

Gym bunnies step aside. These are seriously dedicated sports people who do not suffer fitness fools lightly… or queues at the treadmill for that matter.

If this sounds like you, you know the importance of having shoes that are as serious about sport and performance when it counts as you are. If this sounds like you, ECCO Biom is for you.

ECCO Biom is a groundbreaking collection of sports shoes biomechanically engineered to work with, not against, the natural motion of your foot.

Borrowing science from the world of sport, ECCO Biom provides just the right amount of support in each three phases of your every footstep allowing your feet to move as you want them to, unrestricted by the excessive padding and motion control typically associated with sports footwear.

So, whether you’re going for gold in extreme or endurance sports or not, if you really want to break the mould in 2013, break free with ECCO Biom.

Shop our full collection of ECCO Biom for men and women now.

Oct 2, 2012

Ecco Shoes takes a walk on the wide side

It’s that time of year when, if you don’t have a great pair of Ecco outdoor shoes to your name, you can start to feel a bit limited as to what you do outdoors.

Walking the dog at the beach, taking the kids on a nature trail through the forest or going to a bonfire party – everyday outings can feel a bit much hassle if you don’t have the right shoes. You’re either faced with spending the next day drying out water-logged trainers or, worse still, it puts you off going to begin with.

This Autumn, there’s no reason to miss out on the best that the great outdoors has to offer as Ecco adds outdoor shoes to its celebrated Biom collection.

The Ecco Biom collection is an advanced range of footwear biomechanically engineered to work with, not against, the natural motion of your foot.

Say cheerio to stiff, heavy, unforgiving and cumbersome outdoor footwear. Say hello to the Ecco Biom Grip 1.5.

Ecco Biom Grip 1.5

Ecco Biom Grip 1.5



Oil and suede uppers, PU midsole and a TPU sole

Anatomically designed for a natural fit and cushioning only where you need it

Low to ground sole construction for natural motion

Excellent grip and traction for all terrains

Walk with us this Autumn and explore your wild side with the Ecco Biom range.

View and buy the collection at Ecco Shoes now and enjoy free UK delivery*, fuss-free returns and our 110% price promise

* UK mainland only

Aug 27, 2012

Isle of wonder

As the festival season draws to a close, here on the South coast one of the biggest music events of the Summer is still yet to come.

Just across the water, Bestival is due to take place between 6th and 9th September 2012 with none other than all-time-great Stevie Wonder among the acts headlining at this year’s event. Find out more at

And with the weather outlook for September often a better bet than the earlier Summer months, it’s a great chance to give your toes a final outing before tucking your dancing feet safely away again until the Christmas office party.


Ecco Biom lite sandal 1.2

Ecco Biom Lite Sandal 1.2

Water-friendly sandal…just in case of the odd shower

Anatomical footbed…to allow you to move naturally and free yourself to the music

Rubber sole…provides good grip when retracing your steps to your tent


Ecco Yucatan 069563 - Womens Sandals

Ecco Yucatan sandal

Lightweight design…to keep your feet feeling free all day and night

Receptor Technology…to support each phase of every footstep and dancestep

Specialist tread pattern…provides excellent grip and traction to get your first in line for those showers each morning

Feel freer to enjoy the best that music has to offer this Summer with Ecco and enjoy free delivery* and fuss-free shopping when you shop online with Ecco Shoes

* UK mainland

Aug 23, 2012

The best things in life…

…don’t cost a bean.

There’s no better time than summertime to enjoy quality time with your partner or family.

A walk along the beach, playing ball in the park, cycling in the forest, trips to the play park, picnics on the hillside. Simple is often better.

Here at Ecco Shoes, we have a great range of family-outing-friendly shoes that will keep you feeling the spirit of fun all Summer long.

For women

Ecco Biom Lite 1.2 Ballerina

Ecco Biom Lite 1.2 ballerina

Was £80.00, now £40.00

Ecco’s celebrated Biom range allows your foot to move naturally – as if barefoot – as you get on with making the most of precious quality time. Offering superb fit, breathability and flexibility.

For men

Ecco Biom Trail 1.4

Ecco Biom Trail 1.4

Was £145.00, now £72.50

Ecco’s coveted Biom technology marries with a stable sole unit to provide a comfortable trainer capable of negotiating tougher terrain.

Ecco Shoes, keeping it simple this summer and providing you with quality shoes to make the most of your quality time.

Visit Ecco Shoes now to make the most of our Summer sale reductions while stocks last.

Aug 6, 2012

Head to the hills with Ecco

2012 has so far thrown a big spotlight on the UK.

From the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations to the current throes of Olympic fever sweeping the nation, sometimes all the attention can make us crave a bit of respite and wanting to head to the hills!

If you’re looking to escape the hubbub or are finding yourself needing to regain a sense of balance, a retreat to a hideaway holiday destination could be just the answer to get back to basics.

In an era of bespoke holidays, there are plenty of places to hideout from life for a while nowadays. Conde Nast Traveller features a guide to recommended remote retreats including the ‘Secret Ranchito’, a small wooden cottage tucked up in a meadow high in the Patagonian Andes where food and luggage is delivered by oxcart.


Visit for details and for more recommendations.

Ecco‘s celebrated Biom collection is all about getting back to basics, nourishing your feet and allowing them to move in the way nature intended.

Whether you feel like hiding away this Summer or whether you’re enjoying this year’s big events, stay grounded with Ecco Shoes.

For men

Ecco Biom Lite Sandal 1.2    

Was £85.00, now £42.50                         

Ecco Biom lite sandal 1.2

For women

Ecco Biom Lite Sandal 1.1

Was £80.00, now £40.00

Ecco Biom Lite Sandal 1.1

Comfortable anatomical footbeds and flexible rubber soles for enhanced grip and traction. Free your feet with Ecco’s Biom summer collection.