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Apr 23, 2014

Time for tea

Tea length skirts are a major 2014 trend.

Gracefully falling between the knee and the ankle and perfectly befitting an elegant teatime event, this year’s tea length skirt is flattering, feminine and eminently wearable.

Set off with a structured cropped blouse or top and a mid-heel shoe, add a tea length skirt to your list of must have style items for this season and beyond.

If you’re loving this trend and your wardrobe is saying it’s time for tea, you’ll find perfectly ladylike shoes to wear with this feminine trend right here at ECCO Shoes.

This week we’re highlighting our top tea-length skirt styles to work this trend for your work wardrobe or for going out…

ECCO April Ice

ECCO April Ice Flower Firefly

ECCO Sculptured

ECCO Sculptured Mary Jane Gravel Oslo

ECCO Sluptured 65

ECCO Sculptured 65 Pavement Old West

Find these stunning ECCO women’s sandals and ECCO women’s formal shoes and more at ECCO Shoes.

And you can shop the latest trends with confidence at ECCO Shoes, with free UK delivery (mainland), easy returns and our ECCO price promise.

Jun 19, 2013

Don’t gamble with your feet

Spending a day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes can be miserable. But what about spending 20 years in misery of painful shoes?

Ask Cheryl Haase a 52 year old cocktail waitress at a casino in Conneticut who, along her co-workers, are plaintiffs in a headline-grabbing case with their employer over the type of shoes they are required to wear for work. Read more about the story at Yahoo News:

Years in high heels to meet the casino staff dress code have left Cheryl and her fellow waitresses with painful foot conditions needing countless visits to the podiatrist.

But what if you didn’t have to choose between looking smart and feeling comfortable? With ECCO you don’t.

ECCO shoes
are designed to fit your feet, not the other way around, which means you can shop with blister-free confidence when you shop with ECCO.

A great collection of smart and sassy ECCO women’s formal shoes and ECCO’s evolutionary Sculptured 65 collection awaits you here at ECCO Shoes.

ECCO Chisle

ECCO Chisle Black Firefly

ECCO Shape

ECCO Shape Black Starbuck


ECCO Yami Black Patent

Don’t gamble with your feet, choose ECCO and feel comfortable today, and tomorrow.

Oct 19, 2012

Ecco Shoes …your destination for great boots (part III)

As you may have guessed, at Ecco Shoes we’re all excited about being back in boots here at Ecco.

We’ve talked about the long and short of boots, showing you some great new styles for Autumn/Winter in long and ankle boots.

Now, our focus turns to the really short, the ultra-modern boot style: the shoe boot.

The most versatile boot of all, the shoe boot can be worn with flared or straight skirts, wide and narrow leg trousers.

With all the style of a smart shoe and all the practicality of a boot, we salute the shoe boot and showcase some of the best of this season’s Ecco shoe boots:

Ecco Spell

Ecco Spell

Features an inner zip, starbuck uppers and a textile lining with Ecco comfort fibre system to keep your feet comfortable, cool and hygenic all day long.

The Ecco Spell is part of the Sculptured 65 collection, a revolutionary range of high heeled shoes (all 65mm) designed for style and, crucially, for comfort.

Ecco Montrouge

Ecco Montrouge

Chunky heels are big fashion news this season and the Ecco Montrouge, with starbuck leather uppers and textile linings to absorb moisture and provide extra comfort, is perfect to style with your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Ecco Charm

Ecco Charm

Another sophisticated style from the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection. The Ecco Charm boot has quality leather uppers and soft textile linings are soft.

Be inspired by these and other boots at Ecco Shoes now. Whether you like your boots long, short or really short, you’ll find a fabulous range of quality boots at Ecco now all with free UK* delivery, fuss-free returns and eligible for our 110% price promise.

* UK mainland only

Oct 18, 2012

Ecco Shoes , your destination for great boots (part II)

Styles to covet, quality materials and craftsmanship, designs that love your feet…there’s a lot to get excited about in a great pair of Ecco boots, from Ecco Shoes UK.

Continuing our rundown of everything that’s best in boots this season, this time we’re giving the spotlight to short boots.

Ankle boots are back with a bang in 2012 and the style columns and catwalks are littered with chunky heels, wedge heels and preppy sneaker looks.

Bag yourself an instant style update with a great pair of ankle boots from Ecco, wear them with leggings, jodhpurs, tapered or skinny trousers.

Ecco Bettna

Ecco Bettna

Wedge boots are a favourite with stylists this season and the Ecco Bettna is the perfect take on the look.

Soft double face leathers, leather linings and the Ecco comfort fibre system put the Ecco stamp of quality on this style.

Ecco Crunch

Ecco Crunch

Sneakers got glam this season, and the Ecco Crunch sneaker style boot features brushed nubuck uppers and is half lined with a removable insole for increased durability.

Ecco Silver

Ecco Silver

The Ecco sculptured 65 Silver boot screams contemporary style and yet features a practical and wearable 65mm chunky heel. A super soft insole conforms to your individual footprint for ultimate comfort, meaning that you can get on with the important task of looking fabulous in these gorgeous boots.

See more fabulous, quality Ecco boots at Ecco Shoes UK now and stay tuned for ‘destination boots’ part III coming soon…

Sep 24, 2012

Ecco Sculptured 65: the chatter

Since Ecco Shoes recently launched the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection, the chatter and general buzz around Ecco’s groundbreaking advance in high heel comfort has been non-stop.

Featured this month on the team refer to the collection as a breakthrough of ‘hallelujah’ proportions in shoe-fashion technology and that the women there simply can’t live without their Ecco heels any more!

See the rest of’s chatter about the collection at

So, what’s all the buzz about?

If you’re not in the know, it’s time to sit up, take notice as Ecco Shoes has something to put a smile on your face.

The Ecco Sculptured 65 collection is a brand new range of stunning high heel shoes (all 65mm high). But what makes the collection really special or really different to any other high heel?

The difference is Ecco Shoes. Ecco’s advanced footwear technologies come together with stylish, minimalistic design in the Sculptured 65 collection. Flexible, lightweight and designed to perfectly fit and work with the anatomy of your foot. Resulting in a stunning heel, that you can wear comfortably all day.

Even the models on Ecco’s Sculptured 65 photo shoot were all a-buzz about the collection…

Ecco Smile Tina


“Usually I take off my heels if I have a long break, but I haven’t taken off these shoes, ’cause I hadn’t really realized that I was wearing the heels…”

Ecco Sulptured Barbera


“I’ve been wearing them all around today for 10, 12 hours, and I don’t feel any burning, so maybe if I’m running around the city it’s gonna be the same, you know?”

Ecco Sculptured Corrina


“I was in these heels the whole day… I could jump, I could walk, I could do… anything!”

Buy the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection now and feel what the buzz is about for yourself.

Sep 14, 2012

Ecco Sculptured 65 Part II: the high heel evolution

Introducing Ecco’s breakthrough Ecco Sculptured 65 collection!

Combining style with Ecco’s innovative comfort technologies, the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection meets the challenge to set women free from the pain of wearing high heels.

Women no longer have to make a choice between fashion and comfort as the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection combines the glamour and sophistication of a 65mm heel with astonishing comfort.

There are five crucially innovative design features that allow the Ecco Sculptured 65 collection to achieve its mission in creating something that no one has created before in a high heel:


#1 soft, supple leather provides superior fit and unrivaled comfort

#2 Ecco leading comfort technology means feet are cushioned and comfortable all day

#3 anatomically correct design means the foot benefits from sculptured support easing strain on the foot and muscles

#4 the heel construction provides equivalent shock absorption to a sports shoe disguised in the glamour of a sleek high heel

#5 a sleek and lightweight outsole means your feet won’t be weighed down

Available now, shop now for the Sculptured 65 collection at Ecco and see and feel the difference that Ecco’s high heel evolution can make to your wardrobe and your walk…

Ecco Silver

Ecco Silver


Ecco Spell

Ecco Spell


Ecco Grace

Ecco Grace


Shop now at Ecco Shoes and enjoy free UK delivery*, fuss-free returns and our 110% price promise

* UK mainland

Sep 11, 2012

Ecco Sculptured 65 Part I: what women want

What do women want in a high heel? This is the question Ecco Shoes asked women and here’s what you said (and in Part II we’ll reveal how well Ecco listened).

Having talked to 2,500 women, Ecco has a pretty good low down on high heels. From women’s relationship with heels, to men and women’s perceptions about high heels and the woman that wears them.

The truth is that there are a lot of myths surrounding high heels. For instance….a lot of women think that men would cringe if they wore a heel that made them taller than them. In reality, less than 20% of men think it’s unattractive if a woman is taller than him in her heels. 81% of men simply think women in heels are sexy.  See more truths and myths about heels here (

Taking these insights and adding some inspiration, Ecco has created the Sculptured65 collection. A collection of high-heeled shoes that feel good anywhere and everywhere.

Appointing leading designer Niki Tæstensen, Ecco set out a mission: “To create something that no one had created before”. Craftsmanship, innovation and new technology came together to achieve a steep challenge: to set women free from the pain of wearing high heels.

Ecco Sculptured

Visit Ecco Shoes now for a sneak peek at newly added A/W styles and stay tuned to Part II to view the Sculptured65 collection