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Dec 22, 2012

ECCO ’s Christmas look book, Part I for women

The festive season is in full swing, the presents are bought and hopefully wrapped, the turkey is ready to collect and it’s time for the celebrations to begin.

Like most of us, you’ve probably been so caught up in preparations for Christmas that you’re barely spared a thought to what you’ll wear when the special occasions come around.

That’s why our gift to you before Christmas is our ECCO Christmas look book – your guide to the perfect accessories for a perfect Christmas.

Party perfect

Ecco Mona


Flirty and feminine, the ECCO Mona is your perfect party companion.

Dare to wear a shorter skirt style this party season, the 70mm heel will flatter your legs while the stable heel and comfortable sole unit of the ECCO Mona will see you glide round the dance floor with the grace and confidence of a dancer.

Wear them with dresses, skirts or tapered trousers and let the partying begin.

Classy Christmas Day

ECCO Mason

ECCO Mason

Let it shine this Christmas and feel luxurious from top-to-toe on Christmas Day.

A simple, yet sophisticated ballet pump is a great look for Christmas Day. Glamorous enough to wear with a dress or smart outfit, yet practical enough to crouch round the tree opening presents or for party games.

Wear them with a simple shift dress or with an ankle-length trouser for an effortlessly stylish Christmas.

Boxing Day best



The relaxed pace of Boxing Day calls for a snuggly, comforting kind of chic.

The ECCO Osmo fits the Boxing Day agenda perfectly. Their wool linings are warm and soft in case you’re feeling more delicate than usual and the chic design will see you through impromptu ‘open house’ drinks in style.

Wear them with a skirt and woolly tights or over skinny jeans accompanied by your favourite knitted sweater.

Merry Christmas from us all at ECCO Shoes!

Sep 21, 2012

Sharpen your pencils with Ecco Shoes

After two years of back-to-back androgyny, femininity is back with a bang for Autumn/Winter 2012!

And one of the biggest trends for the season is the pencil skirt. An effortlessly elegant look, the pencil skirt often evokes the classic femininity of the 1950’s female.

The 2012 pencil skirt can be long or knee length, but the key is in keeping the look sharp with stylish accessories.

Three key pieces to sharpen your pencil skirt look:

Ecco Mona

Ecco Mona

Accentuate the classic shape and style of the pencil skirt with this darling T-bar shoe. Feminine yet comfortable, the Ecco Mona is a great look for smart office days, nights out or other formal occasions.

Ecco Kebi

Ecco Kebi

Oozing sophistication, this knee-high boot brings the pencil skirt bang up-to-date. Made with an Ecco quality touch through and through, the Ecco Kebi features leather uppers, extra cushioning, a full inside zip and elastic detail for adjusted fit.

Ecco Lyon

Ecco Lyon

Who could fail to look sharp with the gorgeous Ecco Lyon handbag on their shoulder? A vintage-inspired hobo bag, the Ecco Lyon is the perfect size and style to balance a skirt ensemble.

Let your feminine side shine, albeit with an edge.

Find these and more sophisticated women’s Ecco shoes and accessories at Ecco shoes now.

Sep 18, 2012

Dance your troubles away with Ecco Shoes

The ballet flat has been a staple in most women’s wardrobe for some years now and is a firm favorite with the women here at Ecco Shoes.

But the influence of the dance world in footwear trends for A/W 2012 has never been greater.

The ballerina no longer holds first position as your feet tap, pas de bourrée and foxtrot their way into a more fun, flirty and feminine Autumn look.
Ecco Shape (show plum colour)

Channel your inner Ginger Rogers with this adorable tap-inspired shoe. Supreme comfort and a practical and hardwearing design means you can breeze through your day with the grace and effortless energy of an epic screen goddess.

Ecco Mona

Ecco Mona

The T-bar shoe is a mainstay of the Latin-American dance world, with a look that screams sophistication and adds a certain va-va-voom to the moves. Made with quality leather uppers and linings, let the Ecco Mona bring a little cha-cha-cha into your life!

Ecco Mason

Ecco Mason

For days when only ballet will do, the Ecco Mason is a stunning quality shoe available in a great selection of colours for Autumn and Winter.

See more great women’s styles at Ecco Shoes now and enjoy free UK delivery* and fuss-free returns. Find your perfect rhythm this Autumn at Ecco Shoes.

* UK mainland only

Sep 1, 2011

Ecco Shoes: Work it.

Nine to five……Monday to Friday……work can be a tiring, monotonous routine.  Or, it can be a stimulating way to fulfil your career dreams.

Whether you’re dressing for the job you want, or just simply looking to make your commute a little more bearable, we’ve got some great workwear styles online for you at Ecco Shoes Lymington.


Ecco Ashford


Ecco Ashford

A dolly shoe with a difference. Don’t be afraid to mix up colour, a neutral colour is flattering and changes the look of your outfit – making more of your workwear wardrobe.


Ecco Margate

Ecco Margate

A classic and quality court shoe, for days when you want to be comfortable, confident – and to be taken seriously.



Ecco Castle

Ecco Castle

A classic, polished oxford style for boardroom days when a no-nonsense look is a must

Ecco Metropolis

Ecco Metropolis

A brown lace up is a great look for office days, wear with grey, black or even blue trousers to show that you’re not afraid to relax in style every now and then.

Work it with Ecco Shoes and get free delivery on all mainland UK orders.

Aug 26, 2011

Ecco: Shoes to show off

Walk In Style

Ecco’s Walk IN Style Award fashion show has become a firm fixture in the fashion calendar. An annual assertion of Ecco’s corporate social agenda and modern fashion brand values, the event takes a celebrated spot at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

This year’s show was a fantastic showpiece of the most important shoe trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 and visionary designers chose three artistic themes to inspire the audience and bring the shoes on the catwalk to life.

The themes were Red Passion, Forest Future and Nordic Grunge and models were dressed in pieces of art to convey the vision of each theme.

Red Passion

This theme is a nod to chic and decadent Parisian style. Think faded photos curled at the corners, intricate perfume bottles and jewellery boxes with elegant pearls. The shoes for this theme are sleek, feminine shoes. Shoes that deserve to be worn to a party and shoes that demand to be shown off.

Red Passion

Forest Future

This theme is about our urge to be more in touch with nature. Whether it be fighting climate change or looking to escape the humdrum of the city, there’s something in nature that appeals to us. The shoes for this theme are a bout geometric shapes, a variety of textures and moss green, autumn leaf yellow and dark brown dominate the colour scheme.
Forest Green

Nordic Grunge

This theme has a punk attitude towards fashion, resisting a specific trend and instead embracing the ‘no rules’ dress sense associated with the early 90s. The styling for this theme meant a looked that was layered, with Nordic undertones. Hiking boots were worn in a trendy way with mix and match colour Norwegian prints.

Nordic Grunge

Read more about the Ecco Walk IN Style fashion awards.

So as you’ve seen, we’ve been busy showing off our shoes. Life’s too short not to show off your favourite things so wear your favourite shoes and show off today.

Keep an eye out for new Autumn/Winter Ecco styles at Ecco Shoes Lymington. Ecco Men’s shoes available in formal and casual styles, trainers, golf shoes and boots. Ecco Women’s shoes available in sandals, formal, casual, trainers, golf shoes and boots.

Jul 15, 2011

British style is back in vogue

And there’s one reason and one reason only, Kate Middleton.

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now on their way home, they leave Canada, America and the world looking on in admiration of their grace, good nature and Kate’s winning sense of style.

With each day of their first official tour, Kate has dazzled with an array of glamorous yet sophisticated ensembles and has left even the harshest fashion commentators gushing.

So the question we’re asking at Ecco Lymington this week is: what’s Kate doing so right that others often do so wrong?

Quite simply, she’s keeping her look clean, elegant and well…simple.

When it comes to footwear, Kate plays by a simple set of rules and reminds us that, with a great capsule footwear collection, women don’t actually need wardrobes full of shoes:

Formalwear (daytime)

Kate Middleton Nude Court Shoe

Kate Middleton Nude Court Shoe

A nude court shoe adds a chic touch while flattering the leg shape.

Smart/casual wear

Kate Middleton Wedge Shoes

Kate Middleton Wedge Shoes

A wedge shoe adds height and creates shape, without the dressiness of a stiletto heel.

Formalwear (evening)

Kate Middleton Nude Strappy Sandal

Kate Middleton Nude Strappy Sandal

A strappy sandal in a nude colour takes nothing away from the dress but adds a timeless Hollywood glamour.


Kate Middleton Ballet Flats

Kate Middleton Ballet Flats

A ballet flat keeps the look dressed down, yet chic and feminine.

So from all of us at Ecco, bravo Kate! Simple rules and a simple reminder to us all that less is almost always more.

Visit Ecco Lymington to view a fantastic range of simply quality women’s footwear including Ecco women’s formal shoes, boots, sandals and casual styles.

Jul 9, 2011

Don’t put the dress before the shoes

We’ve all know what it means to put the cart before the horse.

But, in fashion, it’s a common misconception that women put the dress before the shoes. In fact, a lot of the time, the shoe is the star of the ensemble and women openly admit to shopping for outfits to match their shoes when it’s often considered ‘the norm’ to do the reverse. Case and point: a lot of women buy shoes they’ve fallen in love with even if they have no occasion to wear them for. Fewer women buy a dress without a specific occasion or purpose to wear it for.

So, if shoes are so important, why are they referred to as an accessory rather than being regarded as the main event? Well all this might be about to change as new documentary ‘God Save my Shoes’ blazes a trail through the fashion industry’s perception of where shoes sit in the order of style reckoning.

Written and directed by Julie Benasra, ‘God Save my Shoes’ sees designers, celebrities and experts come together in an attempt to articulate the relationship between women and their shoes. Featuring everyone from designer heavyweights such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin to celebrities such as the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie and Dita Von Teese, the documentary will be launched at Paris Fashion Week this autumn.

You’ll not be surprised to note that the shoes have and always will come first here at Ecco, but we’re glad to see that the rest of the fashion world is catching up.

For us, good quality footwear never goes out of style. Why do women love our shoes? Because our shoes make them feel comfortable and feminine.

View our online collection of Ecco women’s shoes including women’s casual shoes, women’s formal shoes, women’s boots, women’s sandals and – for a limited time only – women’s sale items. With free UK delivery and fuss-free returns, we make it easy for you to put the shoes first every time.




Jun 2, 2011

Get your racing shoes on at Ecco Shoes

The racing calendar is in full swing and the most important event of the social calendar, Royal Ascot Ladies Day (16th June), is just a fortnight away.

Those fortunate enough to have tickets for the royal enclosure will no doubt have studied and navigated the much-revered dress code and will have selected their formal day dress (minus the forbidden spaghetti straps) to meet the approval of the hoards of fashionistas that will be in attendance.

Thankfully the rules governing the footwear you buy to match your over-sized fascinator are easy to follow. Essentially there is one key rule: it is a cardinal sin to take one’s shoes off.

With this in mind, Royal Ascot veterans select their footwear wisely. To get the most of a day that will comprise plenty of champagne, standing and negotiating turf, comfort and sensible heels are the bookies favourite…

Ecco Model Pink

Ecco Model Pink

Ecco Model Silver

Ecco Model Silver

Ecco Model

These elegant ballet flats look chic with a simple shift dress and can be worn all day, or popped in your bag to slip on once the champagne starts to kick in.

Ecco Chinook Espresso

Ecco Chinook Espresso

Ecco Chinook Navajo Brown

Ecco Chinook Navajo Brown

Ecco Chinook

This sophisticated wedge shoe allows you to add height without the added worry of sinking into the turf. This style works well to add invisible height to one of this season’s hottest trends: the maxi skirt.

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Apr 18, 2011

Sole searching: your 2011 trend update brought to you by ECCO Shoes UK

For those fashion savvy shoppers among you looking to invest in designs to take you through to Autumn-Winter in style, we bring you our very own style report:

Nostalgia is an important inspiration for this year, particularly 70’s retro styles. This means chunkier footwear, including platforms and wedges, to wear with the return of all the A-line skirts and hotpants on the high street.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Chinook, Ecco Shoes Kelso, Ecco Shoes Elbe and Ecco Shoes Countess available now.

Mary Jane’s are back and they’re bigger than ever. Feminine and practical, Mary Jane’s are a great style for work or leisure.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Pearl, Ecco Shoes Long, Ecco Shoes Vault, Ecco Shoes Lisa, Ecco Shoes Ashford and Ecco Shoes Mile available now.

Nautical worn in a classic way will again be a stylish choice for summer. Loafers and bowling shoes also place a firm tick in the box for the dominant 2011 fashion trend, androgyny. Taking over from where the wintry brogues left off, a nautical-inspired style will see you through Autumn.

To get this style, see the Ecco Shoes Fresh, Ecco Shoes Radical, Ecco Shoes Spirit and Ecco Shoes Board available now.

Ultimately, trends may come and go but, at Ecco Shoes UK, comfort never goes out of style.

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