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May 1, 2012

Cool camping

With Summer creeping ever closer, most of us begin to daydream of holidays.

And while package holidays and warmer climates still hold their appeal, UK holidays and camping in particular are having something of a renaissance in recent years.

Camping has become the ‘in thing’ for good reason too. Embracing a resurgence in British holiday-making, the camping industry has pitched its tent firmly in the 21st century.

Luxury camping (‘glamping’), better choice and availability of equipment and an eye on cost-effective holiday-making have all played a part. And sites like featuring a ‘round up of this year’s most stylish tents’ and ’80 tasty campfire recipes’ have made camping both cool and accessible to us all.

But, despite the fancy marketing, we all know the reality of camping can often mean cold, soggy feet! So, if you’re considering camping this Summer and you’re not splurging on a luxury glamping-style camp site, check out Ecco’s range of walking shoes and boots.

Ecco Sayan II Lo

For women, Ecco Sayan II Lo

Ecco Dhaka Lo GTX

For men, Ecco Dhaka Lo GTX

Featuring GORE-TEX treatment for 100% waterproof finish, made with strong and durable Yak leather and with rugged soles for uneven terrain, you won’t need to compromise on your camping experience this Summer with Ecco.

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Mar 15, 2012

Isn’t it about time…?

Often overlooked in favour of more fashionable short-term footwear purchases, a good pair of outdoor shoes can last you for years. And when you need a pair, there is literally no substitute.

So what’s stopping you? This week at Ecco we’re giving you three good reasons to invest in a great pair of outdoor shoes – now .

1/ Ditch the wellies

Whether walking the dog or getting kids to school on wet days, wellies might look the part but, if you have any real distance to walk, they don’t feel it.

Ecco Sayan II

Ecco Sayan II Lo 

This women’s walking shoe has a full GORE-TEX lining. Comfortable and 100% waterproof, what more could you ask for?

2/ Love your trainers

Comfortable as they are, the chances are your trainers weren’t designed for some of the tasks you put them to. So, if you do really love your trainers, prolong their lifespan by keeping them for the gym or the badminton court – and away from muddy walks!

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX 

This men’s walking boot has a rugged rubber sole, grip and traction on rough terrain. And sometimes, non-marking soles on trainers designed for indoor surfaces just won’t cut it.

3/ Live without limits

Bike, hike or explore – or do it all in a day. Nowadays, getting back to nature is about adventure and escaping some of the boundaries that can constrain day-to-day modern life.

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX

Ecco Sayan II Lo GTX

This men’s walking shoe is equipped with Ecco’s patented Receptor technology giving you superior performance with each step. Now there’s nothing holding you back and no reason to compromise.

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Dec 31, 2011

New Year with a twist

It’s almost New Year and, here at Ecco, we’re all thinking about our resolutions for the year ahead.

While fitness, financial and environmental resolutions tend to dominate most people’s list of resolutions. Others out there have a slightly more unusual theme, for instance, meeting Lady Gaga or stroking a giraffe…

These are just some of the responses gathered by, a goal-setting website where people can share their goals and gather support from other users.

Wishbomb’s founder Ricky Cooper said: “Each year people make the same resolutions which nobody ends up sticking to, so I think it’s a real positive change to set unique and ambitious targets for the year ahead.”

Whether your resolutions are about improving your fitness or re-introducing a sense of adventure into your life, you can find a great selection of men’s trainers, women’s trainers and walking shoes and boots here at Ecco.

Happy New Year from the team here at Ecco Shoes UK

(now we’re all off to find some giraffes…)

Dec 29, 2011

Head over heels

Here at Ecco Shoes, we’re head over heels about great shoes. But, we like to keep our great shoes firmly on the ground.

As the temperatures plummet and the early morning frosts make the ground slippery underfoot, you’ll want shoes that are going to keep you upright.

So whether walking the dog, catching the train or fetching the newspaper, stay grounded on those early morning walks this winter with Ecco.

Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Dhaka

This men’s shoe features Yak leather for strength and warmth, waterproof GORETEX membrane, Receptor technology for comfort and a rugged rubber sole for superior grip and traction.

Ecco Primer

Ecco Primer

This women’s shoe features oiled nubuck with Hydromax treatment, Receptor technology for comfort and support, lambswool and textile lining for warmth and a rubber sole for excellent traction and grip on a variety of terrains.

Keep your feet on the ground his winter with Ecco Shoes. See these and more great winter-ready styles now and get free delivery on your order*

* UK mainland addresses



Dec 26, 2011

The Boxing Day bloat

It’s that familiar post-revelry feeling….

Waking up surrounded by gifts you don’t know where to put, a stomach aching from a day filled with gastronomic excesses, the good possibility of a headache from those one-too-many tipples and that sinking feeling that Boxing Day will probably hold more of the same.

Here at Ecco Shoes, we believe there are two fundamental forms of attack when it comes to Boxing Day:

Method one: Defiance

This method involves getting out in the fresh air for a while, getting some exercise and a sense of escape from the general festive chaos.

Make an excuse to walk the dog, fetch the paper, or, make no excuses and just run like the wind!

For defiant men:


Ecco Kolyma II Mid

For defiant women:

Ecco Crag

Ecco Crag

Method two: Party-on

Well-seasoned revellers may choose to defer worrying about the impact of their excesses, to enjoy the moment and to opt for stylish comfort and loose-fitting waistbands!

For party-on men:

Ecco Deck
Ecco Deck 

For party-on women:

Ecco Navigate

Ecco Navigate

Whichever approach you decide to take this Boxing Day, stay happy and healthy.

Merry Christmas from us all at Ecco Shoes



Dec 11, 2011

Ecco at the peak

This Sunday marks International Mountain Day.

Designated by the United Nations General Assembly since 2003, the focus of this year’s International Mountain Day is Mountains and Forests.

So what does this mean to us as we busy ourselves with Christmas preparations this December?

Surprisingly, more than you’d think. For instance, did you know that over half of the world’s population depend on freshwater from mountains for drinking, cooking, washing, hydropower, irrigation and industry?

The 11th December 2011 will therefore be a day geared towards raising awareness of mountain forests and the role they play within the Green Economy and climate change adaption.

To learn more visit and get a personal perspective on change and development, read the oral testimonies of over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions around the world at Mountain Voices.

Or, if you’re not much of a reader, maybe the best way to mark International Mountain Day is to get out there. Walk along mountain base and marvel at the awesome splendour towering above, hike the inclines or climb to the summit and enjoy the majestic scenery.

Get the gear…

Ecco Dhaka

For men – Ecco Dhaka Mid GTX

Ecco Caravan

For women – Ecco Caravan

The GORE-TEX linings on these boots will keep your mind off the cold and superior grip and traction will keep your eyes off the terrain and firmly on the unmissable views.

Find these styles now in walking shoes and boots at Ecco shoes UK and enjoy free delivery* and fuss-free returns

* UK mainland addresses

Mountain Day






Sep 19, 2011

Ecco Shoes – climb every mountain

When you think about it, life’s too short not to try and climb every mountain.

But what is it that really inspires us to keep hiking regardless of the terrain or the incline?

For some it’s about peace and isolation. For others it’s about finding raw landscape and scenery. For others it’s about keeping in shape and for a few, life itself is an expedition.

Whatever it is that draws you up the mountain, you can be sure of a more confident climb with Ecco Shoes. That’s because as well as breath-taking scenery, on a hike with Ecco walking boots or Ecco walking shoes, you’ll discover more…


Ecco Kolyma II Mid

Ecco Kolyma II Mid

  • Strength – from the Yak leather uppers
  • Dry feet -  from a waterproof GORE-TEX lining
  • Comfort – with removable breathable cushioned felt insoles
  • Grip – from an Ecco rubber sole


Ecco Macia Lo GTX

Ecco Macia Lo GTX

  • Durability – from oiled nubuck uppers
  • Dry feet – with GORE-TEX linings
  • Performance – from full receptor technology
  • Flexibility – with a durable ECCO rubber sole

Visit Ecco Shoes to view more Ecco Walking Shoes and Ecco Walking Boots for men and women. Order online with confidence as, with Ecco Shoes, we offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses and fuss-free returns.

Sep 16, 2011

Ecco Shoes – walk this way

Ecco Walkathon
The Ecco Walkathon is underway!

This year’s Walkathon is visiting towns and cities in Denmark, Germany and Poland raising money for Ecco’s Walk for Life program that supports causes and projects relating to children and education, the environment and health and active lifestyles.

The 2010 Ecco Walkathon saw over 48,000 participants walking to raise 400,000 euros for a number of selected charities and it’s hoped this year’s event will raise even more.

Upcoming Ecco Walkathon events will take place in the Danish city of Odense (3rd September) to coincide with Odense’s Health Festival, Warsaw, Poland (10th September) and Kolding, Denmark (15th October). Read more about the Ecco Walkathon.

Whether passionate about raising money for charity or just passionate about walking, walk this way and find performance walking shoes here at Ecco Shoes Lymington.

Ecco Walking Shoes for men
Ecco Mens Tahoe

Ecco Tahoe
• Yak leather (3 times stronger than standard leather) and textile uppers
• Breathable textile lining
• Performance rubber sole for proper grip and traction
• Receptor Technology to support the three phases of each footstep

Ecco Walking Shoes for women

Ecco Sayan

Ecco Sayan II Lo
• Strong yak leather upper
• Waterproof GORE-TEX lining.
• Removable breathable cushioned felt insoles
• Rubber sole combines grip, traction and durability for mountain terrain

For more Ecco Shoes including walking boots and walking shoes visit Ecco Shoes Lymington.

Aug 26, 2011

Ecco: Shoes to show off

Walk In Style

Ecco’s Walk IN Style Award fashion show has become a firm fixture in the fashion calendar. An annual assertion of Ecco’s corporate social agenda and modern fashion brand values, the event takes a celebrated spot at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

This year’s show was a fantastic showpiece of the most important shoe trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 and visionary designers chose three artistic themes to inspire the audience and bring the shoes on the catwalk to life.

The themes were Red Passion, Forest Future and Nordic Grunge and models were dressed in pieces of art to convey the vision of each theme.

Red Passion

This theme is a nod to chic and decadent Parisian style. Think faded photos curled at the corners, intricate perfume bottles and jewellery boxes with elegant pearls. The shoes for this theme are sleek, feminine shoes. Shoes that deserve to be worn to a party and shoes that demand to be shown off.

Red Passion

Forest Future

This theme is about our urge to be more in touch with nature. Whether it be fighting climate change or looking to escape the humdrum of the city, there’s something in nature that appeals to us. The shoes for this theme are a bout geometric shapes, a variety of textures and moss green, autumn leaf yellow and dark brown dominate the colour scheme.
Forest Green

Nordic Grunge

This theme has a punk attitude towards fashion, resisting a specific trend and instead embracing the ‘no rules’ dress sense associated with the early 90s. The styling for this theme meant a looked that was layered, with Nordic undertones. Hiking boots were worn in a trendy way with mix and match colour Norwegian prints.

Nordic Grunge

Read more about the Ecco Walk IN Style fashion awards.

So as you’ve seen, we’ve been busy showing off our shoes. Life’s too short not to show off your favourite things so wear your favourite shoes and show off today.

Keep an eye out for new Autumn/Winter Ecco styles at Ecco Shoes Lymington. Ecco Men’s shoes available in formal and casual styles, trainers, golf shoes and boots. Ecco Women’s shoes available in sandals, formal, casual, trainers, golf shoes and boots.

Jun 21, 2011

Go Gore-tex at Glastonbury with Ecco Shoes

Glastonbury festival kicks off again this coming weekend and the line up is impressive to say the least.

With Coldplay, U2 and Beyonce just a few of the major acts headlining at the eponymous event, Glastonbury looks set to hang on to it’s status as one of the greatest gatherings in the musical calendar.

There’s just one hitch… have you looked outside?

Ecco Cheviot

Ecco Cheviot

Regular Glastonbury-goers are accustomed to the great British summer mercilessly going on strike during the event each year and will pack wellies and take consolation for their soggy feet in the beer tents.

Sadly, while wellies can make a fashion statement for the girls, the opposite is true for men. Neither are wellies particularly comfortable nor breathable for your feet. So, the beer tent it is then?

Better still, if you are off to Glastonbury or are considering any other soggy camping experience this summer, check out Ecco Shoes’ range of Gore-tex footwear.

Gore-tex fabrics are designed to be durably waterproof and breathable. Teamed with Ecco’s superior comfort technologies, Ecco’s Gore-tex footwear is a winning combination.

Follow the links to view ECCO shoes online including Ecco’s range of Gore-tex footwear for men and for women.